Alone Again

Some thoughts are. Wordless.


12 thoughts on “Inscrutable

  1. ==Videoxy:
    Or perhaps someone is waiting for the log?

    Or maybe waiting for it to be turned into firewood or something, be of use, to someone else. It is anyway far away from home.


  2. If I could guess at what the log is feeling, I would say it’s happy in all that green, probably doesn’t even know it’s far from home. Or doesn’t care…


  3. ==Viral:

    ==La Louve:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    Thank you!

    Well, dive in, what you waitin’ for? 🙂

    Fair interpretation, but perhaps outside the frame, it isn’t as green.
    Doesn’t care is more plausible. 😉

    Yes, they are. I demand an increase in vocabulary! 🙂


  4. You wrote such a long post, i came,i read, scratched my head and walked off:)

    next one is one picture,but was not loading and i so wanted to check it out,so go to your flickr, check it out there,admire it, and walk off with a smile:) and now came back to write a comment after reading your reply to the comment above:)))


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