Younger, Thirty Years Ago

There is this new thing about regrets.

Seems it is politically incorrect to drag regrets around and with you. No one is asking, but if they did, I’d say being politically correct is politically incorrect. Talk of circular references. Judges in comedy shows are striking down every joke, comperes of the award function for the largest film industry offered more disclaimers than politically incorrect digs. There are degrees of being PC, what works for one doesn’t, for another. But we aren’t talking of being PC.


We are talking about regrets, which people don’t like to have anymore. Ask any self-respecting yuppie, (s)he doesn’t have regrets. Seems we are genetically evolving to take everything in our stride and face life as it comes. We don’t become wishful anymore; wistful anymore.

I watched Trishul, the other day.
Did a quiz on Facebook about going back in time
Have been listening to Marathi Theatre music
Was in Glastonbury last month
Seeing Jazz places in my dream
Saw photos of Mumbai in the seventies

Not that it was in my control, but I regret not being young in the late-sixties and early-seventies.

Something’s the matter, this is an incomplete post.


7 thoughts on “Younger, Thirty Years Ago

  1. Do you feel disconnected? Or are your expectations too high for yourself right now? I’m wondering about what started this, what ideas or memories tipped your mind in this direction.


  2. ==Videoxy:
    Something like that @ disconnected. It is more a series of unfortunate events that started this and has now gained critical mass. There is a reason why the post seems incomplete – this might just become a series of posts, just might!

    Ah, a kindred spirit, one with some regret. Read on, dear friend, the blog is here.


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