A Sacrificial Post

Good things come out of sacrifice. Toil. Perspiration and hard work. What use; an easy life, what use; lack of struggle. In fact they even insist that a good artist is born only out of pain. Only those that have seen pain, experienced it — become good artists.

Endure, you must, else there is no glory.

Then someone finds out — there is nobody to fight against; nothing to fight against. No one disagrees, nothing is a hindrance. What we are doing is right and everything seems to be in order.

“This is your mind playing games; this is the invisible enemy!”, they cry! Your mind is your own enemy. You have to bring the enemy to the fore. You have to fight. For nothing is gained in an easy life. Doctrine.

So we fight. We toil, we believe we are fighting something, what it is, we may see if and when we kill it; overcome it. We make things difficult and pat each other for every difficult step we take, recognising the hard work we do, against ourselves, the invisible enemy.

We sacrifice.

I sacrificed too. Sixteen drafts before I wrote this one. Sixteen posts of possible expression were converted to a state of nothingness by this cruel index finger of mine that clicked the “yes” without as much a second thought.

This was a difficult post. And I am getting there.


7 thoughts on “A Sacrificial Post

  1. there is that incremental learning that comes out of every struggle in the silence, every night, when the mind struggles to overcome itself. yet, it goes on, trudging, to where its meant to, driven by who knows what.

    sixteen drafts is a lot. and it was worth it. it shows. way to go, brother!


  2. ==Videoxy:
    I think I know @ dogs. Those are the ones they want us to believe in. For the parents of doom; the solitude of the sea is disturbing.

    I meant to say – not necessarily! 🙂

    A struggle may help you get one step ahead; a sacrifice does not necessarily do the same thing. 🙂


  3. the sacrifices are often unnoticed. the anger often misplaced. the results of perseverance are great. and that is what it is.

    often i am found lost and wanting. lazy as i am.


  4. ==Dharma:
    Right you are, not necessarily the other way round! Bingo! 🙂

    Agree. Agree. Not sure. Agree.

    We find ourselves in different places; is that what being lost is?


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