Being Brave

The cover of the book had a gravity-defying bicycle climbing a modern building’s wall. A vertical image. The title of the book said – Guts! It was a gift from a friend, a few years ago. Like the book, its message was now obscure under a six-month layer of dust.

It was designated as the book of answers for today, yet it failed to deliver on that promise.

After a while ‘guts’ doesn’t mean anything. I haven’t seen a brave person, for a while now. I have seen acts of bravado – I have seen fists shaken in empty air displacing innocent air molecules from their state of inertia. I have seen caustic words build a wall between two peoples who were otherwise merged in a single swirl of rainbow colour

There is a small difference in the spelling; there is great difference between brave and bravado. And in that one moment, it is easy to miss that huge difference.

I haven’t seen a brave person, for a while now.


5 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. The first thing that came to mind was a parent making a horribly difficult decision with their child’s best interest in mind, something that may or may not work out, something that they think is best, given the options at hand.

    Surely not brave in the heroic sense, but when you have someone else’s life in your hands, you have to be brave to give that person the best chances.

    Or so I think.


  2. ==Videoxy:
    I know what you mean, not heroic, but requires courage to take such decisions. I am just tired of loud voices over and over again – that do not carry within them the conviction or the will to do anything that they say.

    Interesting. A book that must be read every 5-odd years. Makes new meaning. Thank you, a good reminder. 🙂


  3. Being brave at one fateful instant is one thing, and being brave, enduring its effect and living its cost is quite another. I’ve seen them both.


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