Being Young; Growing Old

Every birthday brings an end to a year of events. The memory scrapbook becomes thicker. The blank pages seem to lessen. When really young, a birthday is a celebration of growing older; when older, it is the dread of growing older.

Each year, a number begins to subtly suggest expected behaviour; a social norm of how we ought to. Most of us are often trapped in this norm and make conscious changes in all that we do. Dress, talk, smile, laugh, sit, walk, food, drink, and such. More often than not, when we see a stranger and for whatever reason we need to guess the stranger’s age, we will, without obviously knowing it, determine age using factors beyond the sagging skin or the white hair. The make-up as it were. There is more than just taut skin which gives away (or hides) true age.

Age, the wise have said, is what is in your head and what you want it to be. If you want to be 25, you can be 25 all your life if you choose to be. The body may slowly choose to grow old faster than your mind, yet your true age will be only a factor of how old you really want to be.

I have seen people getting older faster than they should; young, lively people full of energy, sapped because they need to grow old. Sober, it is also called (not related to sobriety related to the drink).

Some are friends
Some are old
I feel left behind
A few are younger
I feel old
We are all the same age
We are generations apart
Separated by a few years

What will happen on your next birthday? Will you succumb the question of, “how old are you?”


4 thoughts on “Being Young; Growing Old

  1. For a while in the middle of my 30’s I kept forgetting how old I was. No, actually, this has happened for longer than that. I remember things based on events: when D died, when L was born, when I went to Japan, when the ex moved out. I have watched myself get older and younger again, as I’ve suffered and recovered (mentally, emotionally, physically.)


  2. ==Radiotooth:
    I think I know what you mean. When you need to give your (real, chronological) age, it becomes difficult sometimes. I often find myself calculating from my birth year!

    I can completely relate with, “I have watched myself get older and younger again”



  3. “I have seen people getting older faster than they should”

    i think you can put me on that list, though i’m not sure of the ‘should’ here, like ‘ought to…’ meaning there is an ideal against which we are compared?

    also, i loved the title of the post.


  4. ==Dharma:
    Yup, I did mean it in the ‘ought to’ way. More like ‘…than they should be getting’. But then, the “speed” of getting old is relative, really…

    TX! 🙂


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