A Good Recipe

After six months, a wonderful dish was made.


A bit of teasing, like in college, sprinkles of being college kids again;
A few words of the plans for the future, yours and mine, and ours;
Exchanging life updates;
Making the world a smaller place;
Shopping for toys for kids, playing with them before they are gifted;
A very bad and very early dinner in a pub;
All songs of S&G and Paul Simon, perhaps a bit of old Hindi Film music;
A bit of a headache, cured with Nurofen;
Arguments about the world in general;
A long walk scuttled by cold rain in early spring;
Die Hard 4.0 with Bruce Willis;
Spinach Fritters;
300, with Gerard Butler;
The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis again;
Veggie Supreme from Pizza Hut;
Prawn Fried Rice;


Slowly cooked over a simmering fire of being together, over three days. Garnished with hallowed memories. Tastes divine.


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