A Good Day

Beating the alarm clock to being awake on a fresh-smelling morning.

A call, long due, that was better post-poned to another day.

Doing work-stuff that brings back fond memories of school; birthing small regrets about things that could have been. Wishful thinking of things I would have liked to do. Glad that I went to school (and remember most of the stuff, a silent thank you to my teachers) Reminders to self of the many things that aren’t done – setting up time to do those things.

Being so excited about work-stuff that you can’t contain yourself. Shaking hands thrice, for the same things. Being yourself.

Of learning about football, in a way that I have never known the game – beyond just great defence and exciting goals. The game, beyond the players. The games behind the sports.

Long conversation on a phone. The need to say a few million things in a few minutes. It is possible.

The dinner of snacks; the inbox full of nice emails, for a change. Food, for thought and the body.

Darwin, daVinci and death of society in a single conversation. liberally sprinkled with college, teachers, friends, home, crabs, chemistry, technology, media, heresy, belonging. A long one that took precedence over the 9 o’clock Owen Wilson movie.

The looking forward to tomorrow.

The feeling of “I should feel different, but I don’t”. Laughing at it, feeling queasy at the same time. Finally watching yet another non-linear movie. Makes you wonder why we see our life in a single continuum. Our lives are non-linear too, it’s just that we don’t always see the parallel tracks. They are all ours.

Was Richard Bach right? Or was Paul Simon?

A good night.


5 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. ==EU:
    It is definitely interesting! Imagine that everything just falls in place, one piece at a time. I don’t know about the yearning for more, because such days don’t give you time for that!



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