What’s Interesting?

The blog or the comments?

Do you just read the posts or the comments too? Do you subscribe to comments on certain blogs? I have found some blogs where the comments are as interesting as the posts themselves, sometimes moreso!

You should try it!


10 thoughts on “What’s Interesting?

  1. I haven’t subscribed to any comment feeds. But I agree some times the comment make the post so much more interesting. For the ones that read, and equally for the one who wrote it. Also some authors I like so much that I would read what ever they write. Call it fan following or just plain awe.


  2. most of the time, the comments just stop with a “i like it” or “wonderful” or some such thing. it hardly leaves any scope for a discussion. i particularly look forward to comments on two things – one, the content and the thought process and opinions on the same. two – specific feedback on the style of writing.

    i don’t subsribe to any blogs though. i’ve never tried it, but just feel it would clutter my inbox. i for one, like a clean inbox 🙂 i do however, make it a point to visit a few blogs periodically, depending on the time at hand, and of course, the right frame of mind!


  3. ==Dharma:
    Most bloggers would agree @ the “i like” genre of comments. In my mind the the successful post is the one that spawns a discussion – an argument – a debate. Something to make people think about it and then build and converse.

    Frame of mind is “so” right! 🙂


  4. well, i’d be a lil cautious of arguments. this is of course, from personal experience. i have not know too many people with whom i can share thoughts and enjoy a debate. i find that most people lose their sense of objectivity (if there is any such thing as that!) in an argument. in most cases, it gets personal and then the whole point is lost.

    but yes, can’t help but agree with you about the successful post. going by that, i’m yet to post successfully 🙂


  5. ==Dharma:
    I know what you mean @ staying away from arguments. There is no reason to create conflicts – just for the sake of it! 🙂

    But, once in a long while, you do come across a chance to have objective arguments, and those are sheer pleasure. I think I have had only one such successful post, if at all, when the post was just one line! 🙂


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