Abstracting Abstraction


My recent favourite word.

Once you are in it, there is no limit.

Deep Water Mirror

Reminds of some difficult problems I have had to face as a student. Calculus! What did you expect? The tending to infinity thing. x tries to become the sleeping 8. Does it ever get there? I don’t know, perhaps it’s still getting there – apparently the same problems are being given out to kids in school even today.

That’s abstraction for you. On a long indeterminate line, the expression continues.

I wasn’t not blogging all this while. I was just blogging elsewhere. Abstracting. Tending towards infinity. The ultimate expression where meaning is your own. The “meaning Nirvana”. Where, perhaps, even meaning doesn’t make meaning. At least, words don’t make meaning.

It is a frantic call for primitive and instinctive intelligence to make us aware of meaning. Words limit our meaning; words aren’t like the x that tries to become the sleeping 8. Words have limits. They can go far on the indeterminate line – but nowhere close to infinity.

That is, perhaps, also, the Problem of the Strange Solution.


6 thoughts on “Abstracting Abstraction

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  2. the closer it gets to the sleeping 8, the further the sleeping eight gets. tending to it, never really there. what a beautiful reminder of my own days of fascination with calculus. i simply loved it!


  3. Such an evocative image…and I really like the phrase “sleeping 8″…that phrase is about as evocative as your photograph…:D

    Perhaps pure meaning appears meangingless, on first glance? Because we are used to limited meaning?


  4. ==Videoxy: I hear you!

    Thank ye. wunnerful memories, I agree! 🙂 the closer you get to it – the more it eludes you!

    Philosophical, ain’t it? Or, is it *just* Mathematical, really?

    The most beautiful places are the one ones that are lesser known. It’s all for us to discover! 😉

    Thank you!

    Like a sleeping demon (@ sleeping 8)- waiting to be awakened to show it’s all-consuming potential? 🙂

    Again, “pure meaning” is something I need to explore. “Impure meaning” for me, would just mean something that doesn’t mean anything. And then again, how is meaning limited – by the one who tells the meaning or by the one who receives it?


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