Ways of Seeing – 4

I have been totally captivated by this photograph, for a while now. (See the link below)


Trolley, New Orleans, gelatin silver print by Robert Frank, c. 1955; in the Art Institute of Chicago. Copyright Robert Frank


11 thoughts on “Ways of Seeing – 4

  1. atul, if ever one needed to prove that other banality about a picture being worth … ! this is worth a lot more words. and yet none needed. thanks for sharing this.



  2. ==Asuph
    You’re welcome! Interestingly, I cam across this photo through a iTunesU lecture. Will share the link. Interesting short feature on representation, denotation, and connotation.


  3. This is a wonderful photo in my eyes due to the conglomeration of the varied different sorts of folks on the – bus? train?

    I’d like to see this one in person, up close.

    Thanks for sharing it, I truly do appreciate it.

    Nice to see you’re still here, still sharing beauty in all sorts of ways.

    Peace my friend. Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been quite sick.


  4. That’s an absolutely captivating photograph…

    In general, I think there’s something compelling about photographs of trains or ships before they’re about to depart. Still, I think this one is captivating even amongst other pictures with evocative subject matter.


  5. ==RS:
    A Trolley, in New orleans, in the ’50s

    It’s probably in somewhere in Chicago. I’d like to see it too!

    Thank ye! Yes, I’ve missed you, hope you are doing better than before now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Lotsa love and cheers!

    I have a context to this photograph. A few podcasts I listened to. Will be posting those links, like I said earlier. Perhaps that will bring (one) context to this image. ๐Ÿ™‚ Watch this space!


  6. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, this oneโ€™s definitely worth a novella! Lovely pic

    Every photograph makes a promise.
    But the promise is never kept …
    And that’s what makes the photo great.



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