Ways of Seeing – 3

Once in a while, and rarely so, along comes a post that makes perfect meaning.

It is almost as if you could have said it – but didn’t. Perhaps the words didn’t come to you, perhaps the idea didn’t de-cloud itself. You know, however, what was to be expressed.

I had some time ago, talked about the ways of seeing. I had posted a picture, eliciting responses. I followed it up by my complaint, so to speak, about the problem of identifying art with the artist’s life; our incapability to see art in its own right, devoid of the artist. Not to undermine the artist, but to overwhelm an artwork with the life and times of an artist is to impose a possibly incorrect context to the artwork.

I used many references to make my point, however, I couldn’t present the background of why I felt so.

I have discovered a splendid post, by the first person to comment on Gaizabonts, this year.

Please read, The Ideal of the Artist, by Baekho.

It is, perhaps, the missing prologue to Ways of Seeing.

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8 thoughts on “Ways of Seeing – 3

  1. I have been very remiss in looking after my blog, or else I would have commented on this sooner…

    As it is I have to go, but thank you very much for linking to me, and for sharing the insight in your “Ways of Seeing” posts. I hope to give you a longer comment on them (and your new entries!)


  2. ah. sorry for the disappearance. this time i come back and find this. as a creative (semi-sold out) person, it did make a lot of sense.

    thats because, in the profession, we get to hear the question, “why are you creative?” all the time. the answer is not that simple. or so i thought.

    thank you for sharing.


  3. @@Phish:
    Not a problem – I sense that you need the absences for recharging. Seems your charger is in an Internet-phobic area.

    I have always wondered about these folks who ask that question. Actually the answer is simple: “Because I am; was made that way.”

    No? (Perhaps too rude?)


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