One Line; One Thought

The last time I posted a one line post (which of course is now the sole domain of the one-liner), it generated some significant discussion. The previous post wasn’t meant to be a one-liner. It was free-ware misbehaving. There was some significant context to the post — related to travel — that invoked this mashed-up feeling of dread and hope. But it was, perhaps, not meant to be. When the editor crashed and had eaten up all that I had written, the only thought that remained in my head finally became the post that you see below.

It didn’t get the amount of consideration that I thought it would, like my earlier post did. I have this thing about dwindling attention spans that we have — in all that we do. Call it a theory almost.

We have more than tripled the life that we want to live — yet our life span remains the same — that of a single life time. So all is crunched. Mashed. Squashed. Compressed. Like instant coffee and instant gratification, even thoughts and their presentation needs to be instant. Who has the time? Long travel experiences, don’t quite catch the fancy of people like us. give us the facts, we cry out: co-ordinates, places to see, how to get there, hotel information – and hey – can it be done in half a weekend?

I want to post a post on my blog. I don’t have the right tools — only because I have forgotten that once upon a time I blogged without any tools. I have found myself unable to write. Yet another block, long due, I guess.

I recently thought that nearly everything was bloggable — in the mind it is, in reality — it isn’t.


8 thoughts on “One Line; One Thought

  1. the reality is pretty much in the mind too, or of the mind, wouldn’t you agree atul?

    oh, i was recently reading up about what they call ‘dwell time’…and how short it is for most of us. you’re brought it up again, and it gets me thinking. for a while, ot ought to be a conscious effort to dwell on things just that little bit more – and then it comes naturally i guess


  2. “I recently thought that nearly everything was bloggable β€” in the mind it is, in reality β€” it isn’t.”

    I’ve only had my blog for a few weeks now and already I’m finding my best entries that I don’t (can’t?) actually type out. They’re there, in my mind, but nobody knows about it…


  3. i don’t believe anything can ever be imposed. all choices are consciously made. to me, what gives us the feeling of them being imposed is the limited time frame upon which the mind functions. so i’ve probably made a choice sometimes, i maynot know when, but it might just seem imposed to me now


  4. ==Gukeson:
    Yes. What is important however are the reasons why they cant be typed out. I find my reasons to be baseless, yet I struggle. I am confident, however, that the thoughts will find a way, some way, to make themselves heard.

    Reluctant acceptance is imposition. It seems to be only of academic interest when we say that nothing is imposed, which I agree.


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