Hope, on its Head

Dread, perhaps, is hope, standing on its head.


15 thoughts on “Hope, on its Head

  1. it is. for me atleast. like when i am watching a cricket match and india is playing (its the only time i watch cricket) – i keep dreading our loss…and i know i’m secretly hoping for a win.

    today was one such day 🙂


  2. That is a nice analogy. For me this emotion has a hard time maintaining a headstand, and so it flips back and forth (i.e. somtimes I’m more aware of it as “dred” other times as “hope”).

    Oh, and chak de India! 😉


  3. ==Gukeson
    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    Thank ye. I know what you mean – and perhaps why you feel as such – it is – in a way the yin-yang of the future moment? One carries the seed of the other!

    You are too modest – you should write more, you may know better!


  4. Nicely put. Both pessimism and optimism have their own virtues and flaws – I think for me if I am expecting someone else to do something that impacts me I’d hope and If I’m doing something that impacts me I’d dread.


  5. i love it when people play with words. it means a lot. somehow scratch beneath the surface and the letters stare at you, pleading so that you might understand them.

    or maybe, just that.


  6. It’s not about modesty or PC-ism, its more a personality issue. I’d ‘dread’ to fail and not ‘hope’ to win when I’d do something. For others I’d ‘hope’ they win. 🙂


  7. ==Dharma:
    Welcome the GMTA Club (am sure you will ask about that too – Great Minds Think Alike)

    PC = Politically Correct

    Them words are like that – I love them for that. Cute and treacherous at the same time.

    Now, seems you are being generous too! Hope and dread go hand-in-hand? Irrespective of whether it’s them or you? No?


  8. I agree, and it is such an interesting thought. I didn’t have the visual in my head until I read dharmabum’s first comment, and then it was completely clear – for me, it is my job. I dislike my job, and dread the inevitable search for the next one. But really it is the (seemingly impossible) hope that I’ll finally find a job that I like, one that is rewarding and challenging.


  9. Ooh yes, for me too. Yin-Yang jumped up at me.

    I too enjoy word play but I’m not very good at it.

    Hey Gaizabonts, I love your header photo. Did you just change it recently or am I just blind again?

    Peace and tranquility today.
    ~ RS ~


  10. ==RS:
    And, did you notice gukeson’s profile picture is just that!

    The header photo changes with alarming inconsistency. See the first link in the sidebar for where they go to. Do trust your eyes, don’t trust my ability to change it in set periods!



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