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Bleecker Street

I have often heard how people fail to live in the real world, what with more time being spent online in all things social. All of last week it was the other way round for me. One evening, I was nearly scared that I forgot how to blog and that I wouldn’t have anything to write or wouldn’t be able to think of anything to write.

I am positively struggling to paint pixels.

I was on Facebook all day doing things I really didn’t need to do, but felt good doing them. I get faster responses on Facebook than I get from real people in the real world. And while I was SuperPoking and Superlativing them, I was poked into realising that being 4000 miles away or being 40 kms apart is approximately the same thing.

Perhaps a decade ago it was different.

A few thousand articles in my RSS reader remain unread; in a span of just eight days that the reader has been accumulating all. It is overwhelming, I never knew I read so much. I always thought I read better when it was on print.

Now I know better.

Our hands are capable of much more than we think. This most flexible tool of our body is wasted on the keyboard. Is wasted in learning things that don’t necessarily help the hands become better. Wasted in getting used to the Apple key instead of the Ctrl key, and memorising the patterns of a Windows Mobile device as against the Palm Treo.

It is scary to do things that you don’t usually do. Sometimes those things open up a gap in your walls, big enough to show you what is possible. If you ever see the possibility of the enormity of what you could do, will you tremble enough to shake off the limescale of your comfortable routine of sameness? Can you deal with knowing that life as you knew it, may cease to exist? Will you use the same tools and methods?

What about those podgy fingers resigned to the QWERTY patterns that you recognise so well…


7 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. ==Jolvin:
    Perhaps we are getting lost in ourselves. Perhaps there isnt a map in our minds that can help us find the way. Perhaps distance is no more a concept we relate to. Perhaps I am wrong.

    The romantic notion associated with distance and crossing it all isn’t as romantic any more, I guess. I agree with you on the need for a ctrl key, even if we haven’t yet learned to use the qwerty in its fundamental form.

    Welcome back!


  2. Welcome home.

    This is an interesting point about the “real” world -vs- cyberworld and I’ve thought alot about it in the past couple of years but moreso lately with the advent of my blogging. I have been trying to write a post on this topic for quite a while but haven’t been able to find the right words. Jolvin and you Gaizabonts both touched on it and I wish there were more words written on the topic. I can’t get a handle on how I feel about it. I imagine there are folks who are better explaining than me that might be able to explain it better and I wish someone would.

    Glad to see you back.

    Peace and words.

    ~ RS ~


  3. ==Vipul:
    The pleasure is all mine, don’t be under any assumptions. Your blog is the one that will be closely watched, er…heard! 🙂

    I had really really wanted to comment on “Faded”. Unfortunately, comments were closed for that post. As regards the discussion, it is, in my opinion, a never-ending one. I doubt if there is a definitive ‘answer’ about it. It seems to me, more like a documentary on the evolution of being ‘socially’ online.

    Oh yes, noticed that 😉


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