Being Converted

The last few days were really difficult. Actually the dilemma had been going on for a while, a few months in fact. The turmoil had often come to boil and the leanings had wavered many a time. With each wind that blew from either direction, with its own power.

This one is going to be the slowest post I ever wrote.

Religion, when you free it from the shackles of the rituals and the frenzy, it is just a way of life – a way to achieve a place closer to God. Yet, what remains, if you take away the very attributes that allow religion to it be?

Nothing, the way I see it.

Imagine a religion without a name, without its own peculiar rituals, devoid of its sacred texts, sans the frenzied activity, that allows it be a religion different from another religion. The fanaticism that allows the followers of a religion to regale in its success and community is the mark and the characteristic of how a religion comes to be. While the primary purpose of religion is only a discipline, towards a goal, the paths vary. All the defining and so-called corrupt rituals are just the defining characteristics of the way we get there, eventually. We call them baseless, these acts based on blind faith and superstition so that we are ale to make the path towards the goal easier. And as much as we might look down upon them – these are the very means that allow us to recognise and relate to the religion that we follow. These are the very means that allow us to recognise the religion that others follow. An act, by itself, serves to define someone’s religion – the purpose of it, blurring ever so steadily.

All religions have one goal; we all know that, everyone comes to the same place from different routes. We see the people on different routes. We sometimes ridicule them, wonder why they made things so difficult. Sometimes we envy them, when the path seems simpler. Sometimes we never understand what motivates them to walk on difficult paths. We never choose a religion after a careful study; never an informed decision, more often than not, our religion is decided for us before we are born. We follow it without questioning it, take on the dogma without questioning it. Sometimes we renounce it altogether. Sometimes we just ignore it. We have long forgotten the primary purpose of it.

I converted today.

After having spent nearly all my life with Microsoft-based technology (since I was introduced to the computer), I converted to Mac-based technology with my first MacBook ever. I thought hard about this question of conversion for a long time now. I have questioned others and questioned myself about this change of religion.

I have yet to get used to so many things in this new discipline. All things that I once held as true and familiar suddenly aren’t true anymore. All that I once did with my eyes closed, metaphorically speaking, requires an extra effort and learning. The simplest of the tasks demand that I open my mind to a new way of life.

I am typing slowly and learning it all in this very slowly composed post.

It suddenly doesn’t seem to matter much. I haven’t renounced one religion for the other. I have just embraced another one. While it doesn’t make me any more religious than I already am, I think it makes the journey that much more exciting and colourful and enjoyable.


19 thoughts on “Being Converted

  1. good pt, trying to use my sister-in-law’s mac was really difficult. and i didnt even grow up on windows. i used mac until i was about 12 or 13. then my parents got a windows based system, and i have used it since. so even with the background with mac, i still have a hard time.



  2. I don’t think conversion was an appropriate term to use. That would’ve (technically) meant denouncing the previous one, which you don’t (at least for now). You have embraced another religion now, which by no means is easy, and I hope that you will guide followers of both religions to follow His path.

    Phew! 🙂


  3. i ave only seen a few mac machines, and found them aesthetically quite pleasing. let us know how different it is using them…

    about religions – i have grown up hearing the statement that all of them teach the sme things, but i am now beginning to question that very precept. i am not sure how true it is, and will have to learn more to comment on it.

    religion conversion – atleast the ones that happen the way i have seen them – is in my opinion, a crime on humanity.


  4. ==Peter:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts!
    Learning, de-learning and re-learning, guess its all about that. I seem to be catching up well with the Mac, just not used to the keyboard short cuts as yet!

    Hehe! Gotcha (I guess). Well, as regards the gadget stock-taking – you never know – let’s wait a while 😉

    Welcome to Gaizabonts and Thank you!
    I need it all @ luck! I am trying, trying, two days into the journey and no major hiccups as yet.

    You do have a point there @ conversion, yet you do not, in a way. Conversion is transformation? Not really. An you are right – I haven’t denounced the previous one. This smells of a juicy conversation 😀

    I don’t know about being a guide etc, that’s quite far away. At least I got the Mac to do a right-click equivalent function for me – now that was a relief!

    Dharma, what can I say, its a pleasure!

    I guess we question the precept because of our obsession with the rituals? And I agree, the conversions you talk about – are not the nice ones. I did, of course, use the religion thing only as a metaphor. Mac and Windows users can be quite fanatical about it all. 🙂

    Grr! How many of my existing blogs do you read? 😛

    ==Dharma (And Neo):
    Nope – I didn’t think of it – in fact, I am not doing justice to my other blogs as much as I should. But if I find anything interesting, I’ll put it up on thesmallissue, rest assured! 🙂


  5. ppl must have told u this before…but its the first tiem from me…soo..urs is actually one of the best blogs.. for one i admire the style…its absolutely awesome..n the thought process too..great going 🙂


  6. Well you got me too my friend. I’ve never touched a mac and now I need to know – are they really so very different?

    I also need/want to know – you have other blogs? Have I entirely missed the boat?

    Peace and joy on your new path and love to all y’all, truly.


  7. ==Nisha:
    Not so obviously as yet and not in the comment box. Thank you, really, I mean it. But more than the telling, the love shows emphatically, always, when all of you leave your tiny footprints here.

    🙂 Thank you.

    Hehehe. Am glad I did @ got you! *grin* Well, am learning the Mac still, but it has been three days now – and I haven’t had any major problem shifting (especially now that I have got a way to get the right-click). They are different, yes, seem simpler – but I have yet to completely discover it. No doubt, you will see the progress here. 🙂

    Er…yes, I have a few other blogs. Have a look – see the tabs on the header image: “Blogs”

    Thank you and lotsa love and peace to you too 🙂


  8. questioning the precept is not, i beg, due to obsession with rituals. for me atleast, it is a question of the truth. and when someone wants to conquer and convert you to the ‘treaded path’, not out of intelligent debate and reasoning, but by force coersion or whatever, then i would like to question it.
    sorry, this has been totally off topic, but couldn’t resisst replying to your reply 🙂


  9. ==Videoxy:
    Definitely great – all the fear and excitement make up for all the dull days behind. 🙂

    The truth, unfortunately, comes in many flavours. I hear you 🙂

    Most welcome – any time!!!


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