I Can Moblog

I feel pretty stupid.

For long I have lamented the fact that the only thing I can’t do in WordPress is moblog.

Now, as I was browsing the WordPress forums for something completely unrelated, I find that there is a specific URL for moblogging on WordPress.

So here is my first moblogged post.

The guilt of feeling stupid at my earlier rants is washed away only by the immense feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Feels Good!


10 thoughts on “I Can Moblog

  1. I recently got GPRS activated on my mobile connection. The purpose was to be able to moblog whenever I’m on the move and the urge to blog itches. But the damn connection is so slow, I think it’ll be faster to reach out to the nearest cyber cafe and type the things out.


  2. ==Chaiwallah:
    You are on Blogger – you could do the email thing – isn’t that better?

    That was different – I “blogged while mobile” – it was still the laptop – just that I was mobile. This post is different because I blogged from a mobile device. This is true mobologging!


  3. ==Yann:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts and thank you for your comment.

    In that sense (should work even when you are not connected) moblogging already works. I can always have a post written while I am not directly connected to the software.

    Being connected while on the move is only about the ability to publish at that instant. Are you suggesting an almost equivalent of Windows Live Writer for mobile devices?


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