Some More Italics

A bowl full of coins sits stoically on the desk where I deposit the cumulative inconsequential remnants of the day. A few more pennies and lesser pounds were added today. It has begun to overflow – all that change. Yet I am bankrupt and powerless to implement change. The silence with which I let it all go is a personal banshee that wails louder than the screams that demanded change. I once had a desktop wallpaper that was powerful than e=mc2. It said: c=k; in red and black. Change is constant.

I don’t design wallpapers anymore. I just change them.

The claws of the new-age paradox bite into my flesh – in a tight grip. There is always confusion whether attack is the best form of defence or the other way round. No one really knows. Too much talk of privacy and anonymity on the Internet. I feel afraid. I feel vulnerable. How many times have you accepted the EULA assuming that it is the usual blah-blah? Exposure is the best form of attacking privacy issues. Make their work easier. I am me; simplify their databases. Multiple identities is a psychological syndrome.

Only two choices remain, live in fear or live.

I told you earlier, I don’t have a TV for six months now. The happiest time of my life – Antonio Vivaldi speaks to me – Louis Armstrong does his gig for me – Jim Morrison tells me of his wishful pub-hopping in Alabama. I bought two newspapers today. The “they” say that work is the ultimate stress, killer disease; they talk of work-life balance. But they know that “they” cause the most stress. I read a few headlines from two newspapers today. It is almost a fool-proof medicine for ensuring you are the statistic that they talk about, with the stress that they cause. I randomly strung the headlines together; they made a good stressful story, a random selection:

Worried ministers move to tackle rise in gang violence. Bank signals new mortgage rise. England to drop three Ashes heroes. BBC chair admits crisis in public trust. The great white lie of the summer.

Is it the world or is it the words? (That’s just the front page, I have been accused of long posts – won’t bother you with the inside stories) Newspapers, I often believe have pharmaceutical money as sponsors. Ignore me; conspiracy theory is just a hobby. In fact, taking the theory ahead, I believe there is only pharmaceutical money in this world. Oh! Don’t get me wrong, Disprin has always worked for me. Don’t see this if you get easily offended with bad language. It’s Chris Rock, what can I say!

Only what you know, can kill you.

I thought of having a page on comment policy. The immediate thought was – so that people know that their first comments would be moderated. See, this is the nice thing about WordPress, the system recognises your friends once they have been introduced. But then, I thought it was pompous of me, to have a comment policy and all. One of my better posts, didn’t get a single comment. Whom am I kidding? Definition: RSS reader: where you go one weekend and perform a “mark as read” operation. Ask me, when I have more that 500 unread feeds, I do that. My reader does that with ease. I can even automate it. Some items, however are treated with utmost respect.

k=c, some constants are the constantly changing constants. It becomes a recursive formula now. 

No, I am not doing any creative food today. Just a supermarket pizza that will get heated in the oven. Right. Thirty-odd years of life and I do have problems with the left and right. Living in the UK has made it even more difficult. You don’t always walk right nor do you always walk left. There are good reasons, but you either walk on the right or walk on the left. Changes with the place. On an escalator you stand on right and walk on the left. Trust your eyes – not intuition – see the signs.

Chelsea tractors don’t contribute to carbon emissions and global warming thingy as much as bad map-reading does. And over-confidence. And male-ego.

Life: it’s sights, its words, each emotion, each meeting and every conversation gets sucked in the hole. The whirlpool of thoughts runs at hi-speed. It spins relentlessly. It doesn’t slow down. 

Oh, and it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
You can’t be forever blessed
Still, tomorrow’s going to be another working day
And I’m trying to get some rest
That’s all I’m trying to get some rest


2 thoughts on “Some More Italics

  1. It’s okay.
    We’re here, even when we don’t make noise about it.

    Lurking doesn’t show much respect or gusto, but regardless of the number or even quality of the responses, your words are lovely.


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