Going to Rehab – II

A mental asylum this time. But am not going. They’ll think I lost it.






Any more, and I will probably call myself all of that. Not yet. The passion overtakes me – the need to discover, reflect and state grows. It is probably the result of identifying the recent addiction. The obsession of categorisation – putting it all in the correct places.

To rehab without de-addiction. Just one (more) step.


7 thoughts on “Going to Rehab – II

  1. ==Phish:
    Don said it for me:

    What do you know?
    You know just what you perceive.
    What can you show?
    Nothing of what you believe.
    And as you grow, each thread of life that you leave
    Will spin around your deeds and dictate your needs
    As you sell your soul and you sow your seeds
    And you wound yourself and your loved one bleeds
    And your habits grow, and your conscience feeds…

    Or something to that effect; doesn’t the image say it?


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