Writing about Tractors

I can hardly write reviews. The most I can say about books is whether I like them or not. More often than not, I don’t say that either because I usually like books that most people don’t or vice versa. Like, The Namesake: I liked it because I could relate to it. Some people have called it names, but ah, well.

Like The Namesake, South of the Border, West of the Sun, I finished this one in one sitting. I am greedy, in that sense, hate to let go of a book once I experience the good taste. In a way, the fact that I can finish a book in a sitting talks volumes of the nature of the book. It does, really, for a person who can be easily distracted.

In A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian, Marina Lewcka talks of a unique family situation that brings estranged sisters together. Characters form a clear image in your mind, without long-winded descriptions. It is actually a funny story, were it not for the quick visits in and out of history and the darker underside of all human nature. If you think this book is only about tractors, you will be mistaken. If you think that inanimate life around you some of relates to you in some way, you will be pleased. If you strain a bit, you will see bits of yourself in it.

At worst, it is refreshing and easy reading. A coming of age for all ages.

PS: Three people asking you to write about a book is three good reasons to write about a book.


11 thoughts on “Writing about Tractors

  1. This is probably why it makes sense to title your posts precisely. I’ve been trying to find that post of yours which has a snapshot of a handwritten letter – one of my favorites; I couldn’t locate it! 😦


  2. ==Explorer:
    Usually the words will get you there. This one is an exception because it is a Blogger import – most blogger imports are filed under ‘Thoughts’ 🙂


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