Yet another…

…down the reading drain. A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian, by Marina Lewcka, made a wonderful reading.

At five in the morning, I saluted the sun too, and began my day.


6 thoughts on “Yet another…

  1. sounds very curious. whats it about?

    worth a buy? am in the process of giving my sis a list of books to procure, should i include this one, u think? i mean i know u don’t recommend books and all that, phir bhi…:)


  2. ==Dharma:
    I’d suggest you read it first – especially if you are going to ask your sister, especially if she is an elder sister, before you recommend it. If it is a part of a general reading list, then fine. Will write more about it.

    Easy reading actually, very well handled, wonderful metaphors and parallels. Will write more about it.

    Any history will do. 🙂
    Will write more about it.


  3. 🙂

    the sister is younger. she lives abroad, me in india. i figured its easier and cheaper to procure some of the less common books. so i made her a list, for whenever she plans to visit us. think i’ll include this in the list.


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