Empty Post

Because I saw the stats go to 19,999.

Because I like that number better than 20,000.

Because it isn’t right to leave a Friday the 13th post on the top for a long time.

Because it seems to be living a misfit’s curse.

Because a misfit is it’s own doing.

Because not everything can be said.

Because of time – its abundance, rarity and transient nature.

Because of geography and it’s cruel character.

Because of the mystery of unknown roads ahead.

Because of decisions kept as drafts, unpublished.

Because it doesn’t matter.

But it does.


10 thoughts on “Empty Post

  1. it does. sometimes. and all it takes to make it not matter is a simple blow to the heart. or head.

    hope i made sense. should i congratulate you on a thriving alternate social life?


  2. ==Sangeeta:
    Well done! 🙂 and Thank you – it kinda completes the post!

    Ah! See? Glad you understand and thank ye!

    What we want is dictated by the 99 Club now, isn’t it?

    does it not matter even then (after a blow to the heart) i.e. deep down there?

    I’ll happily accept the congratulations – but you were thinking that because….?

    Oh Thank you! 😀

    Thank ye!

    chal hi rahe hai, aap kya soch rahe ho? 😉


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