A Silent Prayer

O Lord! Grant me the strength to stay away from bookshops for at least the next three months. Amen.


12 thoughts on “A Silent Prayer

  1. ==EU:
    you’re taking all this a bit too seriously 🙂 Relax! There isn’t a drift 🙂

    to pray is within us to grant (and hopefully not 😉 ) is the call from above.

    Take from one account and deposit in another?


  2. rofl. i can so imagine myself doing just that. is it money or is it space? in my case it’s a little of both. i solve it by building higher book racks and visiting old book stores.


  3. ==Phish:
    Space and time mostly. Bloody addictive, them books – and in turn blogging. Imagine the business possibilities when they open a furniture store (selling book racks) beside a book store!

    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    I don’t think I will have to “make” it. It will happen any ways, me thinks! 🙂 See the other comments, they are so confident that this prayer will remain unanswered!


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