Five Pounder

What bullshit?

Get on your computer and find out, it is a real site! was a long-standing taunt for all the people who kept everything for the last minute, till someone actually made it into a commercial web-site. Like

Doing things at the last minute becomes almost pathological after a while and when I said so, on this side of the phone today – there was one minute of silence on the other side. Time is the costliest currency of all – the only one perhaps – that you can’t really save. As in save for a rainy day or put in a safe deposit box for retirement. You may save time by doing things quickly, in haste, but it seems it is always best to spend most of it and make full use of it.

Right up to the last minute.


7 thoughts on “

  1. ==EU:
    Wordpress folks do make very nice templates! 🙂

    Of all the things – the coaster? Bloggable! You would catch up on time if you flew west, but then you would lose it if you came back @om. 😉

    There were two sources of lighting – from two different angles 🙂 INteresting effect – innit?

    Glad you noticed! Yes – think of it as an ‘extension’ of that post!


  2. Time is money. We seem to spend more time and so money at the last moment and sometimes get absolutely nothing out of it. It is then the question of finding time to do things right and rejecting things when our plate is full in order to get out of this vicious last minute rush.


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