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There is hardly a single word I can think of, that comes close to dharma. Wikipedia says, it means, proper conduct or the right way of living. But, I guess most of us understand the inherent meaning of the word, even if we don’t have equivalent words in other languages. I’ll wait for a comment from a certain bum who goes by that name.

A few years ago a friend explained how loyalty in profession has evolved over the years. Initially it was loyalty to the company, then it was loyalty to the team, and now it is loyalty to the profession (This was a few years ago – I haven’t bothered to check if there has been further evolution). In those days, when you were jostling for space on the first few crowded steps of your career stair, the statement sounded MBAish.

So I saw Eklayva today.

I insist that that the Indian Film Industry (like the Big B, I quite hate the term Bollywood) has evolved a lot in recent years. The film making is slick and they use colours and light to good effect. No marks lost there as far as Eklavya is concerned. A continuing education programme in editing might help, but that is good too. The actors are different – willing to submit to the idiosyncrasies of the character (you may have noticed that I said willing to – I didn’t say successful at) and help you look beyond the known celebrity face. I still doubt however that the Indian Film Industry ever goes through even a notional casting process.

I remembered my blog (and the blogs of a few of my friends – who write on many things) a lot when I saw the film. The story did somehow came together towards the end and kind of did justice to the preamble of what you would have expected to happen. Yet, all through, it seemed like multiple visual posts – very beautifully rendered, may I add, that didn’t directly connect to the post below (or above, depending on how you think of a story blog).

Big B’s million pound tear sizzling on the hot railway track, while his palms somehow got away, seemed like the most popular post posted in isolation in an April afternoon in Pune and then dug out from the archives. See the scenes – randomly rather than seeing the film in one shot – you might actually like it.

Though he is a treat to watch – as always, Jackie needs to really do something about his heavy tongue. Shantanu Moitra is not his friend; he should know that – Shantanu loves to insert dramatic music when Jackie speaks. And I don’t know why the Gayatri Mantr is pop music nowadays – irrelevantly placed as an audible spacer.gif when inspiration for music and lyrics draws a blank. It was good to see Mita Vasisht after a long time – even for a brief while – though I missed seeing her name in the credits – even IMDB fails to mention her name. I failed to make the connection between the pigeon stunt, water, and the story of the death of Eklavya’s father, where she comes in.

My ignorance may please be pardoned, while I look for the storytellers.


8 thoughts on “Video Blogging

  1. Newsflash: Eklavya kills the nephew in the dark.He aims after he listens
    Take a few steps back. Pigeon stunt: Blind folded.

    May be if you let go off trying to find faults with the movie and tried enjoying it, you could have seen the point of well crafted and meaningful scenes.


  2. i believe finding equivalent words in other languages is sometime futile, as there is more to words than just the meaning. i think a language is inextricably associated with the culture and its only in that context that we can even attempt to know what a certain word means.

    interesting word u have brought up, atul. take any dictionary, even a small one, and look up the word, and u’ll find a few pages of it. even in sanskrit itself, it is a word with a variety of connotations.

    the one i like though, is one derived from the ‘samas’ (complex words) – ‘dharayati it dharmah’ – that which ‘holds’ is dharma. essentially, it means the basic nature of anything. in other words, it is that without which the thing in question ceases to be. a common example stated is ‘sweetness’ to sugar – without sweetness, what would sugar be? it is a very very interesting word, and i suggest u look it up in a vaman shivram dictionary.

    oh, and i only call myself a bum. the dharma got attached after i read the book by sure u’ve read it too?


  3. ==Dharma:
    Excellent! Didn’t expect anything less!

    It is indeed a difficult concept to define, for:
    धर्मस्य तत्त्वं निहितं गुहायां
    The essence of dharma is concealed in a dark cavern To that extent, the premise on which that film was based, though some may not agree, is a bit on the shaky ground. But you have got the essence out of the cave, I see, or at least been able to take a torch inside.
    Unfortunately, haven’t read The Dharma Bums, but I shall recommend it to my self. The comment not posting is probably a WordPress control for spamming, I think so.


  4. not me atul, just quoted what i’ve read and assimilated. for as they say, all knowledge is only second hand.

    and yes, the book is much recommended – do read, and probably post a review – i’d be curious to know your views on it 🙂


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