Make the Shift

Make the Shift

Yesterday, after the “official” launch of the Second Version, I was chatting with my artist friend about the blog. She continued for a long time about her views on Food 2.0: socially relevant and pertinent comments. After a while I asked her to comment on the post – because I thought it was a very interesting thought. But she wanted to complete the idea. When she eventually did, I asked her to write a reference post on her blog (it would have been a very long comment). Of course, she declined, insisting that the instant messenger was more interactive than blog posts and comments.

She isn’t the first one.

I have asked many people I know to write a blog, or if they already have one, to write more. Some hesitate, because they think they aren’t as good writers. Then there are those who just don’t have the time. For those who think they aren’t good writers – I don’t have a huge argument. Either it is a level of inferiority complex or it is just an excuse. I have known most of them and I know how well they write – when the have to. Blogging, to me, has nothing to do with wonderful and correct writing (though it is helpful); it is a wonderful platform to share ideas.

For those who just don’t have the time, I suggest you read this and the linked post. It may seem radical to an extent, but there is a good idea somewhere there if you are willing to catch it.

What frighteningly amuses me is when I wonder if the corollary to “I am too busy to blog” is “I don’t have a lot of work.”


4 thoughts on “Make the Shift

  1. Very interesting post. I think we are moving into en era of social knowledge sharing through public blogs. It is now or never for the others not blogging; to come to terms with it.


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