Untitled: 12 May

To Everything, There is a Turn

So I asked the folks at Dilbert, if I could use a comic strip of theirs in my personal blog, its not a commercial site, I told them; yes of course you can, they said, for $25 and an additional $10 for processing. Hmm. I’d rather use a photo from my pool. But I don’t have one that is relevant. So, I shall have one soon. Doug often uses photos from around the world, with an interesting disclaimer at the bottom of his posts – describing it as fair use. I shall study that.

This week will be a good test for moblogging. And I shall let you know the best way to moblog if you are on WordPress. Carrying a few (many, actually) gadgets while I go closer to the top of the world. WordPress doesn’t have an email-to-your-blog feature like blogger does. But given that I started getting spam on that email address – and Gaizabonts@Blogger was full of spam posts – for some time, I think it’s fine. I’d rather those creative folks don’t write on my blog. Maybe WordPress will come with a page designed for moblogging – soon.

Went out for a walk, not alone, after a long time. Nice to be with friends, nice to be together at different places with them. Nice to talk of things important and not. Nice, to just be.

Feeling excited about the trip, no air travel involved.


7 thoughts on “Untitled: 12 May

  1. couldn’t stop smiling at neo’s comment, for this was once i got the whole picture too!

    the top of the world? are u attempting to scale the everest or something? :O have a great trip!

    nice pic – i like the redness of the sand


  2. That’s a lovely photo. I like pictures of roads for some reason. My Fair Use notices are basically legal fine print that would make it far more difficult for someone to sue me and claim damages. I wouldn’t try to use a Dilbert Cartoon and claim it as Fair Use, I don’t want to ask for trouble. A lot of folks have pushed the envelope of “Fair Use” and I try to err on the side of caution. 🙂


  3. Amazing pic. I like the term Moblogging. I used to do that in Blogspot. Miss the feature on WordPress but I completely agree with you on the spam part.


  4. ==Doug:
    Thank you so much! Roads are nice – it’s about getting somewhere – in a way – or of where we have been. 😀 @ using the Dilbert Cartoon as fair use. No Way – I think I’ll get a photo – like I mentioned. 🙂

    Welcome to Gaizabonts! First “visible” visit? at least in a long time! Agree – it is interesting to moblog that way – you know you can post yahoo blog-posts through messenger? and thank you!


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