Ways of Seeing – 1

Structure in River Thames - 1a

What do you see when you see this photo?

If you have seen my description about this photograph, earlier, on my Flickr site, try not to be affected by the description. If you haven’t, well I have removed it, so it doesn’t matter. I am also not assigning any categories that may potentially influence your thoughts.

Let me know. What do you see when you see this photo?


20 thoughts on “Ways of Seeing – 1

  1. I see what looks to me like a river, a river bank, trees, a wooden structure right in the middle of the picture I have absolutely no clue what it is and some thing broken and attached by cords.

    I see abandonment.


  2. I see a Dog carved out in the mangroves coming out to drink water (look carefully at the second bush of mangroves). Tired probably by its long journey to the watering hole, yet unaffected by the junk. The Junk (concrete structure and the scrap are out for a swim and maybe a surf n skate.


  3. i’m completely lost as to what u said abt my comment making more sense than in the context it was supposed to…short attention span, couldn’t understand much after reaching the end of the para 😦
    i agree with jolvin…i see a dog’s face too, floating after dying. moreever, i find the hanging creepers at the bank of the river very fascinating…


  4. I see a big structure that would be great to jump off of. My first thought was how great to go there and jump off that thing into the water. And that there was a boat thing there. But when I look again, I see the boat thing is maybe not a boat? Is it broken and abandoned? My first reaction was that people went there and used the structures and enjoyed the water-


  5. I see how beautiful and serene the river and the verdant trees on its banks would have been had it not been for the debris that looks like a scare crow. Perhaps, this debris was once a functional marvel that excited many a passing mind and earned a salute at man’s ingenuity. The river then would have been far more beautiful and within reach!


  6. the beauty of nature. and the ugliness of the man made. a striking contrast – is what i see.

    we do this sort of a thing quite often in some of our training sessions. ‘thinking routine’ we call it. its great fun and gives us a chance to view and understand differences in perception.

    it was fun – thank you!


  7. ==All

    Thank you for the very interesting perspectives about this image. A friend called it hideous at first glance. That is what prompted me to ask you. I didn’t have a huge conceptual meaning in mind when I took the photograph: it was just very inviting then.

    It now seems to me that the structure, managing the two ropes, is keeping “death” away from “life”


    Ways of Seeing – 2 will be up soon!

    Welcome to Gaizabonts. Destruction it is, of sorts.

    Yes – a whole lot actually – in the frame that wasn’t captured

    Very much – the skin and even the muscles may break down, wear off, the insides stand strong.

    I will admit – I never saw the “dog” until you said so, now you know why I trust you to ‘see’ things differently.

    Wish you could tell me that I could say “welcome back”! And interesting @ your comment – because of this

    Welcome to Gaizabonts! There you go – that’s what I mean – context is everything! It’s a dead body all right – only of a boat, however.

    I’ll clear the confusion about the comment, no worries. I think you were influenced by Jolvin’s dog…er…comment.

    It has actually fallen into the river! Ah yes – the blue!

    Yes it is an abandoned boat, broken even. They still do @ enjoy the place around it all – it wasn’t in the frame

    Interesting context you have applied here!

    “Thinking Routine,” seems to me that the phrase can mean two opposite things altogether! And you’re welcome and thank you!


  8. oh well i see scaffolds, keeping the structure upright.. i see hope in the ropes and also see ruin in the scrap


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