Any Given Day, Actually

Folks who have been reading Gaizabonts for some time now know the tumultuous relationship I have with words. Love them hate them, but can’t do without them. And sometimes words just take up a different altitude altogether. They achieve such heights in our hearts and create magic in our minds that they stay there forever, their sheer utterance (remembrance even) brings tears, gives us goose pimples, makes our hearts miss a beat.

These words are the perfect expression of what we feel. Not many words do that. Not many wordsmiths can bring such words together. Every so often, however, such words are strung together; the wordsmith working at his trade with providence, oblivious of the world, his heart almost bleeding out on the paper.

I was speaking with a friend today and we were talking about people – and we talked about behaviour and character. One is superficial, the other profound, I said, or something to that effect (words failed me, then). Words are the same, I guess, in some way. They have an obvious meaning – like in the dictionary and another, which we need to make for ourselves. What we remember, is often a factor of the meaning we make. Words, by themselves, don’t remain with us for long, if they do not appeal to our sense of meaning.

Some words, some times, have to make meaning to more than one person. And they have to mean the same thing to all.

Now that’s a tall order.

You’ll know what I mean, if you see the video below. (Some strong language, to good effect, I may add). It also happens to be the first time; I ever posted a YouTube video on this blog.


6 thoughts on “Any Given Day, Actually

  1. Some words, some times, have to make meaning to more than one person. And they have to mean the same thing to all. – Wondering how many are able to do that. Maybe for it to mean the same to all is matter of time. Maybe some people do not pick those words that trigger the sameness.


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