An innocent measurement marker – but the circus we go through to get there! When it is far away, when we just start, the milestone is out of sight and out of mind, so to say, and we spend a significant time debating methods and means to get there. A slow start – almost relaxed – distance now measured as time – permitting a relaxed attitude. As you come somewhere near, somewhere in the middle – there is renewed vigour, a restatement of objectives, a lash of the whip that urges on (the purpose possibly a bit blurred by now) – the objective now morphing to completion.

The fun really begins when we get close to achieving the milestone. We never achieve the milestone, in a very strange way; the milestone achieves us. It always stands there silent – it just gobbles us when we get there – because when we get there, there is nowhere to go, really. As we close in, there begins the frenzy of getting there – like the final burst of energy of an athlete approaching the ribbon. The objective now lost completely – the ribbon is the only thing we see.

In that frenzy, it seems we make mistakes, often fumble and stumble, trip on our left leg, falling, getting up, while assessing the damage, trip on the right leg this time, delaying the contact of our chest and the ribbon by that much more time.

It helps if we understand whether getting there is important or getting these first and fast is important. Two very different things, I say.

Photo Details: Taken on the State Highway 115 towards Tallere, off the NH17 (Mumbai – Goa). Taken 27th November 2005


7 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. nice read…but i really liked the snap…i also wanted to click a milestone during my recent trip to the north….but didnt get a change…

    the colors have come out amazingly well…u need to teach me tht


  2. ==Neo:
    I know exactly how it feels when you haven’t taken a shot and kick yourself for not doing so. Happens šŸ™‚

    Thank you @ colours – with a little bit of help from Photoshop Elements šŸ˜‰


  3. …the thought of achieving the milestone sometimes makes us think fast but then while nearing it, there is a sudden death of the thought. We lose our control because now we no more want to control our self…

    That’s human nature šŸ™‚

    Liked the thought in the second and third para…


  4. this whole theory of setting objectives, looking for milestones and ‘achieving’ has been questionable as far as i am concerned. like other things, it continues to remain a lil grey, but i am beginning to learn that getting there is imporant. more important is to get there in time (fast, u see, can become relative!). the key is to get there in a timespan that we pre-decide would be reasonable.

    but most important, i think, is the conscious ‘experience’ of the voyage itself. i had read somewhere that more important than what we get by achieving our goals, is what we become by achieving our goals.

    the photograph is beautiful! somehow, i think the milestone is one of photographers’ favourite subjects…


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