I Want Need

Need, is one of the many words that has been facing ostracism of sorts, not by a faceless social decree, but by pseudo-assertive individuals. The word somehow has been burdened by a negative connotation. It is a sign of weakness. Want, probably has a more assertive (aggressive?) feel to it. I prefer the real meanings and their good use.

To be yourself and to self-express is the basic need, which we often deny in the context of the people around us. This piece here talks of how we live a life in apparent feel-good social structures that accommodate all. A resigned philosopher once told me about the law of averages: all the ups and downs don’t amount to much in life, in the end you live an average life. And I agree with this theory.

It doesn’t mean however, that you should live an average life, just because the law of averages exists.

The Homerism, “Modesty ill suits a man in need,” stands true, then.


11 thoughts on “I Want Need

  1. i didn’t understand modesty for a long time, and am not sure if i still do, but i think modesty ought usually to be practised in our own context – it helps us see ourselves in better light, it guards us against the great danger of vanity and finally, it leaves us with a lot of scope for self improvement.

    the fact that others feel secure in our modesty doesn’t speak much of them anyways, so why bother?


  2. ==Dharma:
    thank you for the comment – begets the question – is there a thin line separating vanity and pride, or is it slightly thickish? The lightest excess in modesty may affect the expression of pride!

    You could say – “I don’t want need.” or “Atul wrote a post titled, ‘I want need'” 😉


  3. yes, vanity and pride are often confused and there is probably only a thin line between the two.

    but i am not sure if pride really needs a conscious expression – for it is what i’d be tempted to brand as vanity. i think genuine pride in ourselves goes a longway in making us feel good, and bring in a sort of contentment – that is quite independent of external appreciation / motivation. i think real pride invariably radiates from us, without there being a need for conscious expression!


  4. ==Dharma:
    Wonderfully put.

    Pride may not necessarily need a conscious (overt, if that is what you mean) expression – however, in the context of the link to Jolvin’s post, the problem is if you need to consciously play down pride for the sake of modesty. The more we get used to modesty, subconsciously, we tend to hide pride. That, is not good.


  5. ==Dharma:
    You’re welcome!

    Doesn’t sound nonsensical, contradictory perhaps. Also not necessarily impossible. The key, I think, is that these extreme modesty and obvious pride may not survive together for long. One of them will overpower the other.


  6. they’re both overpowered by each other at different times, and i suppose that consequently dictates the behaviour at that particular instance.

    contradictory – yes. its my second nature 🙂


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