673 Dead

I killed 673 today, perhaps more. Some of them were strangled even before they came into this world. No I didn’t get any pleasure out of that act – neither was I on any mission. No, no one paid me to do it and neither am I a psychopath.

It’s as if I am an agent of Darwin; (he was the guy who had the bright idea of survival and being fit, right?) Like with soaps (the ones with surfactants as well as bad actors and actresses). A bad soap doesn’t remain on the shelf for long. The customer rejects it – it is not fit for consumption (by the washing machine and the head, respectively). I had to do the same – one press of a button and they were annihilated.

They survive so well in the Zion of our minds – where they seem to fit and grow perfectly well – almost mitotic! Why are they so senseless the moment they have to come into the Matrix to redeem Zion? The agents will win easily if they continue this.

Words, they face certain death, like those 673-odd up there, if they don’t start making sense in the word-processor.


9 thoughts on “673 Dead

  1. I wasn’t quite getting it, until I read the last few words, I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks. I read it to my husband, I read it to my friend, I read it to my neighbor, I even read it to my postman, then I read to…………….LOL


  2. ==Nan:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts!
    I hope the postman didn’t take offence; he is the bearer of ‘letters’ 😉

    Louder!! 🙂

    Ah, a member of the same brigand!

    Did you realise the double implication of your comment? If you did, smart stuff! 😉


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