Sandwiched Thoughts

Four Slices of Bread - 2

Everyday is a learning experience. I learnt today that a four-slice sandwich is unwieldy, especially, if you have stuffed it with a quartered omelette, tomatoes and sheets of lettuce. The mayonnaise leaking across the smooth lettuce leaves, as you may have already guessed, makes it slippery even.

So if you have to have a sandwich of four slices, rather have two sandwiches of two slices each. There is double advantage in that. One, the sandwich is manageable and two, you have the satisfaction of having two sandwiches instead of one.

And I really have no idea how to end this post, which obviously reminds me of Paul Simon’s song, Train in the Distance:

What is the point of this story
What information pertains
The thought that life could be better
Is woven indelibly
Into our hearts
And our brains

But we never listen to that thought. Be it a sandwich or anything else. By choice, we are a species that learn only after the mayonnaise has leaked down our fingers and dripped to the floor.


7 thoughts on “Sandwiched Thoughts

  1. If its a choice then learning’s can be different in different cases as in cases where some may like the leaking mayonnaise then he may try adding more slice of bread… I am just checking out other possibilities of choices while agreeing with what you have said.

    Btw liked the macro shot of bread slices…


  2. ==Neo:
    Glad, one of those few, eh? 😉

    I think it is choice – we weren’t meant to be that way – i think we all just got really lazy along the way – in that respect.

    I ate the sandwich, these slices were the stuntmen! 😀


  3. I don’t know if this was pure laziness and amusement over-how ‘no matter how hard you tried you still had to work you way hard to earn your morsel’ or was this an attempt to justify the eggs and mayonnaise in the few sheets of lettuce.

    I see beautiful guilt all the way!


  4. ==EU:
    no, it was just profound deliberation on how life presents its problems in the small things that we tend not to notice. You should notice the depth of the thought too. 😉

    PS: It was light mayo, even if the phrase is an oxymoron


  5. i can’t say much about learning and other such profound things…

    but sambwiches – its kinda fun only when they r unweildy, so we can have that bit of the sauce on our fingers and then proceed to lick our fingers – total satisfaction 🙂


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