Liar, Liar, in Love

I am sure you’ve heard many definitions of love. Many qualifications, standards even. Gleanings from intuition and a few by experience. Here is one more for you to keep in your attic.

You don’t have to lie to your love.

Not that the truth is more comforting than the lie: it often hurts more than a lie, but the need, if the need to lie doesn’t exist – it is exhilarating – almost like a flight in the big blue sky. Initially to the potential liar and eventually to the person who never heard the lie.


5 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, in Love

  1. such a noble thought, my dear friend.

    in the past few days, i’ve been thinking a lot about love. specifically, about lies in this context. i lie to my mother about a few things – in the sense there are some things that she does not know about me. sometimes i wonder if i don’t love her truly enough. but then, these lies are only for her own good – its better for a mother not to know everything. then again, i am not sure if i am only justifying my actions.

    this is quite unbelievable atul, just this morning i realised that it had been a while since i dropped by – it was a random thought. and then i come online and see your comment…


  2. ==Dharma:
    Long time no see!

    i guess you answered your Q 🙂 We all know the answer – only sometimes, we don’t like it.

    What are we, without love? We have to love ourselves in the first place, don’t we? I’d think – they are one and the same.


  3. I was taught that it’s bad to lie. Bad children do it …as I grew up I continue to believe in the same and kept realizing that at times truth did seem to work at all. It just made matters worse.

    I went through the dilemma that a potential liar goes through until I found a middle path…” I NOW believe there is no reason to lie but surely the truth need not be told either. Not mentioning something that could bother or hurt the other ain’t a lie, is it?” 😉

    Has been working for me …saves me from the guild of lying ! Today’s world needs to be lived keeping convenience of all sorts in mind I think …


  4. ==Payal:
    It’s a call – not telling the truth is a lie of sorts. For me, it is better to lie (shows that you love the person enough to cover your mistakes) than to keep silent about things – I believe that hurts the most – because sometimes – the silence screams out loud! Not saying could potentially be interpreted as ‘I don’t care’. Yet, fair enough 😉


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