Undignified Indignation

Yet another forward doing the rounds. This time about an army officer’s death shadowed by the media coverage of a movie-star’s court case in an arms handling case.

The forward is replete with sentiments and anger and crude rhetoric of the coverage of movie-star’s case. In fact, I learnt more about the case about the movie-star when I read the forward than I have seen in the media. It barely touches upon the valiant soldier’s death.

I see this indignation around and it irks me even more – not about what our media chooses to cover – but how we look at the world around us. The only premise of media companies is coverage and circulation. It has got nothing to do with the news. If you understand this premise, you wont believe in injustice as much as you do. This particular forward, while attempting to raise awareness of a soldiers death, puts it at the same level as the case of the movie-star. It intends to seek the same time that was spent on a crass case. The author of the forward should have known better. Starting a chain mail just trivialises the issue even more – as more people I know have started ignoring forwards.

A soldier’s story doesn’t need prime time. Your very ability to freely start a chain mail is due to the soldier. My ability to write about it is due to the soldier. Our ability to sleep well and get up the next day and restart this discussion is due to the soldier. All the freedom available to us, every waking moment is due to the soldier.

Deep down, I am happy that a soldier’s blood is not the focus of the media – they would end up commercialising that one last value amongst men that remains pure and noble.


4 thoughts on “Undignified Indignation

  1. I so agree, i got that forward so many darned times! its furstrating!! “All the freedom available to us, every waking moment is due to the soldier.” i couldnt have agreed more to this…i had a similar post…”picture perfect” read it when you have time..


  2. I too got that forward. Belonging to the media, I understand the limitations and pressures that people working in the industry have to work under. But this doesn’t undermine the fact that in in many places and instances it has not been able to deliver what the public intends it to do.

    Money minting is a truth that we cannot afford to run away from, but what is not being done is maintaining quality and an impartial sensitive approach.


  3. ==Soumyadip:
    I think the media – in general – has lost the focus – from reporting to TRP and revenues. I don’t think the industry is to blame as such. if that’s what people (the majority) are willing to lap up that is what they will offer. Survival plays its role here too! 🙂


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