State of Unrest

Doctors hate workaholics.

Actually, that is not true. Workaholics hate doctors.  Doctors advise strict bed-rest to sick people on a consistent basis. Workaholics believe they should be treated differently. They should be given medicines that work 10times faster and all the cure should happen in the background while they work. Alas!

Being under bed-rest-arrest is not a good thing. The traditional ‘bed-rest’ is not the rest that everyone needs when they are sick. But for now, I shall lay low, I am alone in fighting this cause.


11 thoughts on “State of Unrest

  1. Things look differently from down there, when you are unwell. Use it! But don’t stay there too long. It’s not healthy! 😉


  2. ==Neo:
    Thank you! Getting there, soon as possible.

    I know, but the moment folks see me with the computer, they think I am getting back to work. Maybe I should get a Mac after all – for life, not for work!


    They do. they are so different in colour and perspective. and, no, not for long – too grey down here. It’s good for a while, but not for long!


  3. ==EU:

    No. I was only hoping to irritate you a bit. All said and done I haven’t said anything bad about doctors. This blog isn’t allergic to anyone – least of all – you.


  4. ha ha ha .. interesting post . Now I understand why ur dear wife said u were one of those crazy workoholics …

    Hope u are better now and the Doctor is put to rest from struggling to tie down the workoholic! he he he

    Cheers !


  5. ==Prashant:
    Yes – thats the reson i missed 13th – I am so sad about that! 😦

    Thank you – getting well – on the way to get there. My Dr. doesn’t struggle. He has been my Dr. for a long time – he knows me like family.

    And I’ll just check with her about the adjective before workaholic! 🙂


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