The Seven-day Itch

Morning Burst

I couldn’t wait for seven years, just to make the phrase come true. In seven days – I have missed Gaizabonts a lot – especially because a lot has happened. By themselves, seven days aren’t that long – what matters is – what you choose to cram in those seven days.

Each day was worth seven posts really, but for now, let it suffice to say that coming back home after a long time, you see your life in a very different colour – like I learnt on the day when colours were showered and true colours came showing.

All’s well for now, and more colours will splash themselves soon!


8 thoughts on “The Seven-day Itch

  1. the photo is very… peaceful.
    i missed gaizabonts too.
    funny thing is, someone recently told me something like this – that they felt i tend to store up a lot of stuff and then unleash it on the blog once in 3/4 days 🙂
    wil wait for more reads here.


  2. That was a beautiful sunset picture. I love sunsets. Wrote a poem about sunsets on university avenue, blogged about it too. 🙂

    Welcome back.

    I know all about wanting to make phrase come true. Sometimes we exercises literary license just to use it just because it itches and tingles, doesn’t it?
    So seven-day itch it is! 🙂


  3. ==Neo:
    Thanks, Neo! IT wasn’t all that long really 😉

    Coming up – slower than I originally hoped for, thanks!

    Well for me it just so happened that I couldn’t help but store up stuff – it was inevitable – no time to stop and write. 🙂

    Tx, buddy!

    It is a sunrise picture. And I can imagine why you thought that was a sunset picture. In fact – one reason I love this picture is that an ‘expert photographer’ once told me that sunrises are never as beautiful as sunsets. I am glad that I proved him wrong.

    And I so completely agree @ literary license. Actually this post was to come up two days ago – to make justice to the title. 🙂

    Thanks Abaniko, coming up soon.

    Thanks PK, and yes @ new IP address 🙂


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