Orkut Sucks

Or I just don’t get the point.

Because of a few people I know are at Orkut I am there as a reluctant member, a subscription that doesn’t cost anything – and my curiosity about what makes Orkut work.

It’s a chat – but there are “multiple-dual-non-linear” windows. It defies conversation, context and content. Yes – I see your brows arched. You chat – asynchronously with many people – but all you get to see on your scraps (which they should scrap), is what other people wrote to – DEVOID of context! So when someone scrapped you – the only way to find out what you scrapped in return or scrapped in the first place – is to go to that person’s scraps and see what you scrapped in the first place. But then God help you if a million people scrapped things after what you scrapped – click next, next, next. Confused? Yes – that’s what I mean. I reckon most “things” that Orkut enables – happen offline – those things aren’t scrapped

You would think that Google would do better things with all the doctorates working with them – something as simple as link to ‘See Conversation’. They have even linked the Google Talk with that thing. Yet!

Curse this ageing man – but I tell you – there is an opportunity to build an intelligent networking site for 30-somethings.

It’s all a load of crap…er…scrap…er…no…crap!


9 thoughts on “Orkut Sucks

  1. ==EU:
    I’ll ‘frame’ this comment for its uniqueness! 😛 am not cursing – just a passionate observation, perhaps? 😉

    Good one – don’t mind if use that one sometime 😀


  2. i’ve been feeling a lil…left beind (?) getting all those weird looks when i tel poeple i don’t have an orkut account yet.

    not anymore. i haven’t even tried it, but now, i’m sure i don’t have to. thanks 🙂


  3. Well, when I began with Orkut I literally knew ‘No’ 30 and 30 something there. It made me feel quite left out and “networkingly challenged” ( just for a want of a better word). I found alot of friends I knew thru the medium and it kind of helped me stay in touch with long lost friends who in spite of staying in the same city but thanx to the maddening life of Mumbai never met for years. I did make a few friends …strangers who know are friends and share similar interest too. The communities excited me at 1st but found them too shallow over a period of time. I literally had to check with new friends I made for their age in case they seemed to be hitting on me .. ha ha ha . Funny as may sound but true. But now I seem to have lost interest. I do have 145 friends .. almost all known to me but I dnt think the networking community could sustain my interest. I think Google did innovate with a service like this but some where didn’t make it interesting enuff to want to continue. Or may be its us 30 something’s that don’t seem to find value in the product …I know loads of 20 something’s swearing by it …While its easy to curse the product I wonder what really gets us 30 something’s going …I think with age we seem to expect a lot of everything, We look for more faults than just use products and services. These 16 to 20 something’s just enjoy the moment and seem to not care about it in the next. They either like or don’t like something and they don’t seem to dwell on it but just move on and forget about it. I don’t know if I am making sense but that’s why I seem to think a product like Orkut has seemed to interest the younger group than us .


  4. ==Payal:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts; smashing first comment here! 🙂

    a very good perspective @ what 30-somethings look for – I would agree – that this age group is a bit more demanding – i guess – it does happen with age – when we start looking for more value than sheer excitement.


  5. I agree with Payal …I do found some old school friends (with whom I had lost contact) on ORKUT and we all would be planning a get-together.

    When we start of with something new there is always a rush. Like in when we put some weight on weighing machine to compare the weights; there is a lot of fluctuation before it finally stabilizes at one point. Likewise we get excited when using a new product or service provided by someone and this excitement of using it subsides or stabilizes as days pass on. The same applies to a movie…

    I just wanted to say that after exploring all the features of ORKUT we start using it only for its main purpose that is being in touch with friends after a busy day.

    I think Google is just targeting young people bcoz they know their target very well 🙂


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