Colour of an Evening

Politics and society shape us. In some form. In a way, whether we like it or not we are all slaves of society. So we sit in secure confines and talk of the rights, wrongs, of what could have been.

When four men get together in a room and the discussion of the “ulta” shave (and double, triple blades) has reached its maturity, the only thing remains to talk about is what affects us – the big picture which invariably seems to determine our small lives.

It is extremely difficult to get four men under one roof (logistically) and get them to talk about one thing. Even more difficult is for them to get to agree about a certain thing. But, then, that is what gets men together. Over jokes and innuendoes that are within the confines of the law (of those that they choose). Armchair as they may seem to a common observer, these conversation are a release of all accumulated knowledge and experience that they have.

Conversation, in whatever form it occurs is important in the sense that it challenges the person in front of you to think harder. This should be true of any conversation. It is especially true when four smart guys get together.

I may not be alive to learn the political-generic language of tomorrow – but it doesn’t matter. At least four people, spoke well and spent great time along a river-side flat with a friend.

An evening that was spent by all four pretty much glued to one place is an indication of something that is un-permanently permanent.

We live in difficult times. Laws, rules, conventions guide us more than our instinct. The ray of hope, is just – being with friends. And thank God(?) for that.


6 thoughts on “Colour of an Evening

  1. Conversation, in whatever form it occurs is important in the sense that it challenges the person in front of you to think harder. This should be true of any conversation.

    Strange…I was telling (preaching as she called it!) a friend of mine the same thing yesterday! A good conversation, it seems, is a lost concept among people I come across nowadays. I like good conversations for the simple reason that it makes me think harder! If the other person gains, which she invariably does, all the more better. But all I hear is…hmmm, haan, yes, no, hugh, phew, bhaashan mat do, there’s no need to get all philosophical, and most often, the howling wind in the emptying tunnels of their minds!

    Good conversations are as rare as good people!


  2. Came here from a blog buddy’s site.

    Nice post.

    I can almsot hear the four of you — talking quietly, desultorily perhaps, over beer maybe. No pressure? The trust palpable? Meanwhile, the river flows on and “all is right with the world.”

    Will visit again.


  3. ==Dharma:
    A choice @ ?

    God, fate, coincidence, whatever we choose; in the context of the post, the meaning (or the word itself) is a blur in the future. 🙂

    Absolutely. I miss them – good conversations – therefore such rare moments are treasured. The instant-chat killed it, methinks. But then of course, there is the other side of the story. Sigh!

    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    Over a ‘few’ beers, actually 🙂 I am so glad that you could picture the scene – and more importantly say it! Makes me feel ‘just all right’ inside. Look forward to seeing you soon!


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