My Colour Pens

It’s the first time that I am writing with a grey pen – a pen with grey ink to be precise. I have had many grey pens before – but they never had grey ink in them. Grey is such an encompassing colour: it represents all that is in between; shades of grey – is a concept in itself. Think of a phrase in the English language, and there is always an unmistakable degree of uncertainty to it. Grey skies, for example – ignore the dull influence, consider the uncertainity of this colour for a minute. Even grey matter, for that matter, we all know it exists, but its exact function and degree of its exact use is a grey area.

I recently moved to a new house, as some of you may be aware, from the Valentine post. Apart from the usual basket of associated excitement and setbacks that are a part of the process of making a house a home, one major irritant has been the delay in getting my broadband shifted along with the other stuff that I have decided I can’t live without. Work seems to get by, with some difficulty; life, however, seems to have come to standstill. The eLife, actually. Regressive technology like the disgusting dial-up is like SRK with a mouthful of dialogues, hoping that can he can outdo the Big B who just has a nod in the entire dialogue. It is wrong for people to compare broadband with dial up. Like comparing superstars. Probably not the best analogy, because I will use dial-up when I don’t have access to broadband, I doubt if I will substitute an (apparent) SRK hit movie (would that qualify as an oxymoron?) when I want to see Don (Hope you know what I mean, the “original Don”, not the wannabe)

But don’t get me wrong, being forced to live without a ‘proper’ Internet connection is a blessing in disguise. I got a whole lot of non-e things done in the last few days, like managing to read a book without one eye darting back and forth between email alerts and RSS feeds. I talked with people (the phone, somehow, moved with me, thank TDMA for some useful progress).

I seem to have more time for myself; not every thought needs factual confirmation from Wikipedia. The frustration of dirty dial-up allows me to sleep earlier than usual, and therefore wake up earlier than usual. I’ll admit, I have seen more consecutive sunrises, if you allow that light through the clouds to count as a sunrise, than I have ever before. I am listening to music – I mean – listening – rather than it being an arbitrary auditory presence as I click all over the www with tense fervour. I hear more words and notes than I ever did before. I seem to have a context. Even when I listen to Che Soave Zeffiretto.

This is also the first time that I am writing a post meant for the blog on paper before I actually post it. Seems like a long drawn affair. But I enjoyed it – almost cursed my fingers for the handwriting that is so unfortunately and uncharacteristically mine.

It would have been easier to scan the page and upload it, but the printer/scanner is yet to be unpacked, and hey, you forgot – I am on dumb dial-up.

My obsession with coloured micro-tip pens is resplendent in this post (the paper one, i.e.); each paragraph showing off its own plumage and possibly a good representation of the frame of my mind (even if you did draw conclusions about my earlier deleted post)

All’s well, irrespective.


5 thoughts on “My Colour Pens

  1. glad to know that all’s well.

    and the ‘don’ analogy for the internet connections is simply hilarious. poor srk, hope he isn’t reading this 🙂

    i vote for black pens though. ink, i mean.


  2. Good! At times it takes instances like this to make us realise how life’s smaller pleasures are just passing us by :p :).

    And handwriting – mine is so screwed up, I wrote an application today (pen/paper) and my hand hurt!


  3. ==Dharma
    Well, it doesn’t matter if he reads this or not 😉 I am an ink pen kind of a person too!

    Ah! To get past a metaphor without a medical fact!

    It’s nice – actually – getting off the net for a while. But now, I am missing it.

    ==Twilight Fairy:
    Oh yes – writing by hand – any more than a phone number or a name is taxing – but I am getting there – thankfully. I think they don’t make good pens anymore 😛

    🙂 Hope you are enjoying India! Will be there in 5 days!


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