Light up, Love

I thought I will leave it for a day – a theme in pink to celebrate the flavour of the day. I asked the one who I would celebrate Valentine’s Day with, of what she thought about it, and then I reset my blog theme. (in case you missed it – Gaizabonts was pink for 3 minutes, a few minutes ago). Deep down, I was happy that the commercial pink didn’t make her feel all loveable and romantic.

And I love that about her. She isn’t one of the pink (and shades of red) brigade. I don’t have to do the roses and search for heart-shaped gift boxes (although I suspect she wouldn’t mind; it just helps (me) that I am impervious to the hints).

We had a good Valentine’s eve. We talked long of things said and unsaid. Amongst other things we planned to argue about true love. It isn’t much of an argument when you agree about things – especially true love.

So we found something else. Over all the things packed and ready to go in our new home. Over things that we cherish; like we do each other.


Don’t underestimate the power of a muffin in candlelight.


14 thoughts on “Light up, Love

  1. That is such a wonderful level of understanding, loving, comfort,security..Everything one would wish for in a relationship.I do believe this doesn’t come from colours one can see but not dream, flowers one can smell but not absorb or words that one can hear but not understand.

    Congratulations on feeling the magic of a ‘muffin in candlelight’!— we should make than an expression methinks.


  2. Thanks guys, a bit disconnected from regular Internet; a bit difficult to respond through a mobile device. Hope you all had a wunnerful day!


  3. ==Jolvin:
    Thank you & ditto! 🙂

    It is @ the level. Its much better than the pinkiness of it all. And yes, well said 🙂 Wouldn’t it be magical, if the muffin became a concept. Hmm. If I didn’t have a regressive dial-up Internet access – I would research how to patent a phrase! 😉

    It wasn’t worth it @ missed. It was fun @ nest shifting. A different experience – doing it in another country!

    Thanks Ganga, will do the tag – a bit later though. Don’t mind!

    I agree 🙂

    Well not really (for me). I don’t really fancy that colour. 😉 Hope all is well in your new home – hopw its fun and brings you loads of happiness!

    Well perhaps in ’08 then, if I can get myself to do it! 😉 thanks!



  4. Why polarize pink from the others? It’s as pleasant as any other non-flourescent, non-electric color. Ofcourse, I don’t like the mushiness and over-the-top stupidity it has come to represent. But then, you can’t really find fault with that either. Pink lips, rosy cheeks, pink nails – indicators of good health and therefore help in deciding on a mate (biologically and evolutionarily speaking). Just as a robin’s red breast makes him a better suit for a female.


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