Reply the Forward

It is a busy life that we seem to be living. 24 hrs in a day are too less for all the things that we do. Maybe what we want to do in those 24 hrs is much more than what it used to be or those hours have shrunk somehow – effects of global warming or some other conspiracy theory.So I made it a point to reply to forwards, rather than forward them so that they are not an expression, or mere proof, of my existence.

When I see a zillion email addresses in a mail from a dear one – and my email address sandwiched somewhere in between those, I feel exactly like that – just another entry in the all-accepting omnipotent address book. I have always looked at every forwarded email and joke almost as an insult. Something like oh-I-am-just-another-entry-in-your-address-book. It is probably because I will never be the person who will forward something; anything. (So you know who you shouldn’t be sending chain mails to – even if there are dire consequences)

In recent times, I have changed my outlook (bad vocabulary choice; not much I can do as more common nouns become proper nouns) about forwards. I don’t take it as an insult anymore. It is not everyday that life throws something beautiful at us – that we want to share with our loved ones. On an average day, we just want to tell our friends – all is fine – but nothing worth a special-only-for-you email. In a funny way – being in someone’s address book itself is in itself a good sign. Then again, given that most people don’t update their address books anyways, what does it mean?

I decided it doesn’t matter.

The least I could do – is let the sender of the forward know – that I am not a bot – and maybe my contact number or address has changed or that I don’t check my gmail as often as my hotmail. I love words because of the “sense of meaning” that they provide – and I find that the word ‘communicate’ has its roots in commune, which means, ‘To be in a state of intimate, heightened sensitivity and receptivity, as with one’s surroundings’.

Almost human.

If I just forward the forward, I just delay the response – I just send it further away. In the same time that I forward it – I can reply to the person who sent it.

This reminds me of a beautiful film of one of my favourites: Kevin Spacey – Pay it Forward. It was an interesting concept – the interesting things, began in your head after you had watched the film.

This post should have been titled: Reply the Forward. And I think that is what it shall be (Earlier it was I don’t forward Forwards…I reply to them)


7 thoughts on “Reply the Forward

  1. Funny how you wrote about how you felt whenever you receive chain letters. I thought I was the only one who felt the way that you did, turns out I’m not alone.

    I guess some people think that they’re doing you a service of some sort by forwarding you the stuff when they can actually take ownership of the message of the email (provided it’s not some joke or useless what-not) by writing you a personal email.

    Pay it Forward is one my favorite films too, and I really enjoyed the message of the movie.


  2. I think that is amazing.A beautiful thought and a commitment towards some thing you probably didn’t even approve of.

    I don’t think I can still get above my tiny ego that hurts when I am made to believe I am only one of the many.


  3. I dont forward, forwards either, I dont reply either, I just , I guess in right terms, read through and delete it. Some of them, if informative, i send it to max 3 ppl…


  4. I do that same things too. Abhor forwards, being one of the many copy-pasted email addresses in the ‘To’ fielad and yes…reply to forwards too. We’re really losing ourselves and others to technology, aren’t we? I like this post…it made think of things that have been irking for a long time but have never been allowed to surface.


  5. ==Prab
    It seems that there are many actually who are against forwards (as is evident below). And yes, I agree, it would be a worthwhile exercise to see that the time taken to read a forward and then for ward it to an address book is the same time required to write a short personal email 🙂

    TX! When you start replying to the forwards (and see the replies coming back) you might feel differently!


    Thank ye! Yes – as things become easier – we seem to find ‘boring’ ways of staying in touch. But I like to reply – specifically to the sender and write a short personal and a specific note. Somehow (and maybe it is guilt) I tend to get replies. Makes my day! 🙂


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