Fraction of Fame


Gaizabonts was featured as the ‘blog of the minute’ on the 25th of this month. I have a couple of screen grabs to show off – but I am not showing off this time. For those of you who can imagine, it did look good – being on the home page of WordPress. I have got a lot of love from these folks since I switched; as Gaizabonts has been just shy of a round 10K views.

All good things come to an end; be it a minute, a month or a year and more. But then the cliché is that every end has a wonderful beginning and blah-blah.

One more move now; I leave sweet memories behind.

A place, a location, by itself is incapable of reminding you of anything. A memory is an event that occurs at a place. If not an event, events. If, at a particular location, there wasn’t an incident; wasn’t a thought, chances are that there isn’t a memory associated with that place. All change in life is learning. In fact, any change in life is learning. And every such change gives two options to us depending on how we look at change.

Either you murder the past and move on ahead, make it grotesque and despicable, to enable the change, or you leave peacefully, with some magnanimity, to cherish them, to keep the good memories intact. It happens every time you leave something: a job, a relationship, or a place (unless you are a tourist). It is a survival instinct of sorts. Somehow, it just seems that a bad experience (whether it occurs naturally or we create it) allows us to move on that little bit easier. It is easier, I guess to walk away from something that is distasteful – than something that is revered, almost. Not every move is physical – from Point A to Point B. Most of the changes are in our heads and hearts. That is where the change happens.

I have a choice to make. And I have to pay the cost of keeping my memories intact. And it is a significant cost. I am tending towards keeping my memories intact. And I prepare myself to pay the cost for the memories. There have been some really wonderful ones – in fact – some of the best ever in my life.

It has been wonderful and I will keep it that way. Ciao!


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