Home is Where the Heart is

I think of this fellow and I am almost sad for him. Of all the things that he “needs,” not a single thing is (obviously so) a human connection. He doesn’t need a friend, a smile, a hug, a warm handshake; he doesn’t need to share the stupid joke-of-the-day.

It is probably a good “need-list” for the location where I saw it – an office space. But somehow – it seems that all that we need, are things that isolate us; perhaps, make us lonely or seclude us. While they probably bring us closer to ourselves and even help us getting in touch with ourselves, somehow they seem to distance us from the other person (who, in all probability needs those same things).

It’s getting close to six months being away from Mumbai and I think I am getting homesick.

I miss the kaleidoscope of sounds in Mumbai in the morning. The milk deliveries, cyclists happily tring-tringing away as they deliver yesterday in words on newsprint, the guy washing the cars down below, school children wailing and laughing out loud; some of them still asleep – the others eagerly awaiting a new day of mischief. The macho hiss of the pressure cookers, releasing steam; hot food getting ready for a cold lunch. The unmistakable ting-ting of the BEST bus as it takes the executives to the station. And the definitely unmistakable gets-on-your-nerves-horrendous reverse-music of the managers’ cars on the way to a free parking on the western-express highway. In between all this, MS-Windows starting up, standard reminder.wav announcing mail, checking for those that may need my attention, and then going back to sleep to wake up to the later-morning sounds.

I miss the city.

It snowed here, today morning – and in spite of being brought up in places where you don’t need to check the weather before you head out, I somehow feel very happy when the snow falls. It makes look things beautiful. And unlike the rains, I even like being out in the snow. I guess when I will need to drive through it – I will appreciate the horror that a snowfall is supposed to be, but till then, I will enjoy it, much to the chagrin of people who I know, who know what a nuisance it can be.

It’s getting cold here, but, in the degrees sliding to the negative, a happy memory brings me the warmth and the smile I need.


11 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is

  1. I love the way you see your city.Its not too different from the way I do.Whatever may be the negative things about our home town, but the very same things make it into what it is.
    loved the pic here..And the text on the pic resembles the needs of a majority people these days…


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  3. I think it is implied he is calling out to some human contact in that picture. He’s just speaking from a business perspective it sounds, and that often doesn’t require friendships, hugs, or kisses.

    You have a somewhat naive view on life and your city. Its a beautiful thing.


  4. ==DD:
    Thanks DD – yes – I Love Mumbai. And I think that all the people who love their city – contribute to the strength of the spirit of the city in some way! The picture is probably out of context as such – but it makes sense for this post. I was debating between this and a picture of the snow that morning! 🙂 Cheers! Btw, you have been tagged!

    Now, that’s for you to discover and explore – 250+ posts of it! 😉 I wanted to say “Heart is, where the Home is, but then, you would end up asking the same question! Btw, you have been tagged!

    Yessir! Definitely so. Keep watching for a comment from me asking your contact details on your blog in March 07!


    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    That is a fair interpretation @ calling out for human contact.

    I do @ a naïve view on life and my city. It is a balancing factor for the negatives that some others have who miss out on looking with their eyes closed, if you know what I mean. I agree, it is a beautiful thing – I like it; thank you.

    Welcome to Gaizabonts!

    Most welcome!


  5. I am glad you linked this post.I have missed many of your post in a certain period of time.Some how I wish I had taken the time to read this one then.Or atleast attempted.I am begining to feel that people associate success/progression with solitude.After all there can be only one at the top.I wish we would want more of hugs and smiles to make us happy and less of space and time.

    Oh and in the spirit of this post,the city welcomes you. 🙂


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