The Problem is Choice

Or perhaps, the lack of it.

In an article in the Capitalism Magazine, Walter Williams, dares them to “take fatty foods off my plate or remove them from my shopping cart”.

I doubt if they will ever do that. They don’t have to. What if the food you want stops becoming available at the supermarket? It will never reach your plate, leave alone your shopping cart.

Choice occurs when there are options. Your local restaurant’s menu of tomorrow will have more icons (remember the green chillies and (v) against the items? Now there will be some percentage numbers and colour-codes and such against items) than items on the menu itself. In fact – schools of tomorrow may have a special mandatory subject – calorie mathematics.

It’s almost an insult; adults aren’t given enough information to choose and make a decision based on what they know. And if you insist that this information exists (I agree with you), why ban stuff? Someone is deciding nearly everything for the people and controlling the choices. But then,

Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.
~ Merovingian, The Matrix Reloaded.

Because 1984 didn’t happen in 1984, doesn’t mean that it never will!

Smokers will soon breathe some fresh air; metaphorically speaking. The focus on the smoker will probably blur in some time. This battle has been won by them; onto the next battlefield. What you breathe is now under control, what you eat is now coming under control. What you drink will be next. So far it has been about the soft drinks only.

Wait a while.


8 thoughts on “The Problem is Choice

  1. What you breathe, eat, drink, wear, watch, hear, say, read, even think perhaps! We all have the makings of Hitler and the like. I think they were just on the extreme end. It’s so easy to be didactic. It almost seems natural to instruct others on how to be..I mean how we’d rather have them be! Perhaps this tendency arises because we want the world to mirror us. It’s easier that way…so we think!


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