All’s Well; Still

Don’t worry.

All’s well. Slight off-road walking, even when there were no pavements, but that’s about it. Otherwise, pretty much keeping to the road – as much as is obvious. But then, what isn’t obvious is yours to manage and control isn’t it?

(Sorry for the giggle, but) yes a few funny and embarrassing incidents – the controversy and constant one-upmanship of humour and regret. It’s not always easy “in” the moment, you know – but I will happily admit to having laughed at those moments in retrospect – even if I did that in private.


Nah! I’d rather not change anything in the story that is already past. I now know that I can write the rest of the story. It is more fun that way, and if you promise not to tell, it is easy. I have a foundation. Stating from scratch, as much as others would agree, isn’t easy. It is easier and more fun to work on an existing story. And you will have to keep your eyes peeled if you ever want to notice the change!

People, ah, yes.

Many of them; quite a few forgotten and ignored; does that happen when you meet a lot? Actually, I am out-of-touch, I remember all of them. For some reason. The most remembered are those that I met the least. The transient philosophers; come and go as a breeze; as they please. The most guarded are the ones that are most vulnerable, in their strength. Almost selfish, isn’t it? I see you smiling again.

Value, well…

A new learning – curiously enough, a build-up, rather than a revelation; and each incident a stronger foundation to realise the value of value: in the word of innocence, in the (missing) backslap of a friend, in compatriots slowly turning their heads to meet your eyes with respect, in standing up to bullies, in just plain language – standing up. Enough value has been accumulated. Even if I exclude the times that I almost made Morpheus-like statements.

Sure, you never promised an easy life, but (to use a triple negative, if you dont mind and if I can pull it off), I ain’t not complaining about nothing.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

And wonderfully so, I couldn’t be listening to anything other than Hunter’s Lullaby by Leonard Cohen.

All’s well.


7 thoughts on “All’s Well; Still

  1. “Almost selfish, isn’t it? I see you smiling again”

    coming from another ‘selfish’ person, i don’t think it is at all that way – imho, people coming and going is something beyond our control. i think it is like a long train journey, and people travel togehter only as long as their destination arrives, no?

    u have a beautiful way with words, atul. and i am very happy to be here – u always leave me with something to think about, in your own unique style.

    thank you, and warm wishes!

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  2. For me, reading this blog is like watching a ‘super fast’ train go by at a small railway station.

    Fast trains, and small stations that lie on their route but are not scheduled stops, only make fleeting sense to each other. Every time the train zips by, a few people on the station strain eyes at coach tops to read the origin/destination, a few people on the train look for the yellow plaque that announces the town’s name; the odd schoolboy on the station wonders what it would be like to get on that train and really get someplace, the odd company executive on the train wonders how life would be in a town like this… and it’s over.

    But sometimes, for no particular reason, a watcher waves at the train. This is that wave.


  3. ==DD:
    Thank you!

    Thank you! yes, it’s a journey that has many co-travellers.

    Welcome to Gaizabonts. Such a beautiful thought! (and such a shame that you don’t share your blog. Hmph!)


  4. I’ve been out of touch and it’s okay – I have fought over the years to be “part of” and I give up. I’m just me and while yes, I’ve changed, I’m still just me – going forward, moving on – folks come and go and wave from the sidelines and all I can say in the end is it’s been a grand ride over-all – many bad moments but many good ones too.

    Thanks for being here – all.


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