Romance of Travel – II

You never did read so much about travel-related problems five years ago. More so – now. Something about travel is in the news – in some manner. There is a whole lot of anger about the security that we now have to go through – including the scares, the there is a whole lot of sarcastic humour generated, like my good old friend writes about here.

But mostly, it is depressive. Deep down.

I am more cynical now – than I was – more than two years ago this day. I avoid flights as much as possible. I prepare 50 hours in advance of a 50 minute flight. Given a choice – I’d rather take the train or, if the landscape permits it – drive.

It is just a bit bearable on the train – with the constant reminders of ensuring that our bags are constantly possessed by our fear, and that un-possessed bags are reported – out of fear. Now – don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind the precaution – in fact – at some level it gives me a false feeling of security which I charm myself into believing.

But I did love my car. By far that was the safest and most peaceful mode of journeys I have ever had. Of course politics and geography are accessories in crime when it comes to killing the romance of travel. If I didn’t have to wait for five years to get all clearances – I think I would have driven all the way from Mumbai to London (yes – it is possible – technically). In any case – it’s good that I am not getting used to flights. The green terrorists are out to stop that too.

Luckily, not many can terrorise my mind.

PS: Lemar, talks about how it “It’s not that easy” in The Truth about Love, as I write this. And I so much believe in him.


10 thoughts on “Romance of Travel – II

  1. Your post reminds me of a documentary I saw on a travel channel recently. It really made an impression on me. A German couple decided to travel the length of Kenya and beyond… by foot! They carried a few belongings and a camera with them and talked about where they were going, whom they had met and how thirsty they were. Sometimes they interviewed locals. Fascinating, though not the solution to your problem, I think.

    I’m quite big on driving too. I like being in control.


  2. There was a realtively witty suggestion on a comedy panel show on television recently that discussed the latent fear of the ‘unattended bag’, and how in the present day and age they are generally the least of our worries as bombs seem to be delivered in attendance.

    Of course, the charm of safety should lie in statistics, and travelling by car is, by a long way, not the most safe of ways to travel (

    It is amazing how perception and reality play such a large part in decisions we all make everyday in every aspect of our lives. Mind you it is equally as interesting that statistics are often used to prove what we perceive anyway…


  3. ==EU:
    Thank you – yes Lemar is nice!

    Interesting story – while it may not be the solution – I wouldn’t mind doing that at all. Interesting thing about driving @ being in control. I used to think it sets me free – but in a sense – that is what it is!

    Interesting theory about bags – maybe we should now be looking for ‘unattended folks’ 😉

    Statistics notwithstanding – I think its the combination of safety and hassle-free driving and quite a bit of absence of depression in driving – that I like (I’d suspect for most others too)


  4. anything on travel always catches my attention!

    like everything else, i think this too depends on individual perception.

    about something or the other being in ‘news’ – i think news items are dictated purely by monetary and strategic gains these days, and so barring a few editorials, i don’t give a damn about any news channel / paper.

    about trains – i love them(haven’t been outside india – so i am talking about sleeper class!). the first time – i went to doon when i was in class IX and was given major instructions abotu luggage safety. after that – i have never bothered with securing my luggage, and touch wood – have never lost it either!

    sleeper class has changed on one major count though – the presence of cell phones, and so most ppl only talk to their phones and nobody else 🙂

    i do quite a bit of road travle too – only i ride on two wheels, and i LOVE it – absolute freedom 🙂 driving all the way to london seems like an awesome idea – do lemme know, and if u don’t mind, i’ll tag along!


  5. ==Dharma:
    Am an equal travel bug!

    Trains are lovely I couldnt agree more It is an amazing journey – the train – this post may just help you get an understanding of my once-obsession with train travel!

    if we start preparing now – I think we could make it in 2012 (for the Olympics)?


  6. 2012? isn’t that a lil too far off? i mean, i’m not the planning kinds, and have never planned SO MUCH into the future.

    but yes, if the task demands it as u might seem to think, we’ll probably start planning. seriously!


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