The Numbing Feeling


There are times when we are happy, joyous, even excited. Then there are times when we are sad, unhappy, desperate even, almost suicidal. And when we are neither of those – we are usually irritated, frustrated or angry or something of the sort.

What is the time when we are none of these?

Numb; is the word that comes closest to mind.

It is almost non-feeling. Deprived of sensation of any sort – like heat or cold – like sadness or anger; and perhaps an overdose of one sort of an emotion does it. Like exposure to prolonged cold, leaves our fingers numb. Or something like that.

I almost feel victorious standing on the peak of discovery – having found the tenth emotion after love, joy, wonder, peace, anger, courage, sadness, fear, and disgust. Yet I don’t feel joy even, at the possible discovery of the tenth emotion. Perhaps – it is an emotion that can’t be explained.

Perhaps it is a warning of sorts – to rub our thoughts against each other, generate heat, and come back to life.


9 thoughts on “The Numbing Feeling

  1. Reading about the tenth emotion from the link you have there made me wonder if you’re doing meditation or not.

    I don’t know, but maybe the numb feeling is our subconscious getting back a certain degree of equilibrium from the emotional roller coaster it has been subject to.


  2. i have never been “numb” – although perhaps there
    are other words rather similar?

    sometime’s a sense of quiet and inner
    stillness – the calm before the burst of energy-
    a contemplations beyond words?



  3. ==Prab:
    i offered that link only as more info πŸ™‚

    well said – and i agree that it is a possibility – maybe it is just tuning out?

    πŸ™‚ again – possible – i don’t really know – but it is not the silence you speak of – that can still be ‘felt’! the lull before the storm is often pregnant with excitement – isn’t quite like that!


  4. To me, your tenth emotion clearly belongs to the peace Rasa. It is true as Sophie says, that peace often generates some kind of excitement, because peace is a wonderful feeling in which one feels relieved of all that is usually bothering. But it is certainly not a necessity. In deep peace, no emotion remains. Peace is ni-ras, without rasa. And yes, it is beyond explanation, to be without being.
    Of course,I would’nt want to rob you of your tenth emotion πŸ™‚ . Maybe you might patent it ? Actually, there is an unlimited number of emotions. Only ancient vedic science groups them in nine categories of emotional essences called Rasas. Numbness belongs to the category or family of the peace Rasa.

    Ram Ram,


  5. ==Peter:
    Welcome to Gaizabonts and honoured to have you here. I am not sure that numbness belongs to the peace-rasa because peace implies a ‘happy’ feeling – which is not what I wanted to say. (ni-ras makes more sense – because it seems to imply ‘devoid of emotion’)

    Solitude itself can cause lot of emotions? I mean – you could be happy in solitude too? Hmm. Seems i need to make a restatement of this post! πŸ™‚


  6. ==Gaizabonts:
    As I said, rasas are emotional essences that can take many forms as actual emotions. Peace can make you happy, but sad too. And the numbness you discussed is – as vedic science calls it – a more unconscious kind of peace.
    Anyhow, the main issue is not really how many kinds of emotions there are, but how to achieve more control over them. How to be happy independent of what happens to you. That is what the book is about. How to be happy because you chose to be. For many people that seems very difficult. But through proper excercise it becomes relatively easy. Haven’t been in an unhappy state for more than a few minutes in the past years…


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