A Q of a K

I am back to normal they tell me – choosing round figures to celebrate stuff.

There should be a name for ‘these things’ – these ceiling date posts and rounded off number posts. I didn’t look far and wide – but I shall award the term of “ceremonial posts” to these that occur on a particular date or at a particular number.

Celebration – now that is a so ‘conventionalised’ word. Even the look of the word has this begging-for-smiles feeling. I had read once (in a book that a HR-kind of a person borrowed but never returned back) that in Microsoft (the company), they celebrate failures. For the lessons learnt – for the sheer effort that went into that failure – to make it a success.

I like that stuff! I like the feeling. Most of you will too – it goes without saying that they obviously celebrate successes. But it goes without doubt that if you ever want to enjoy a celebration of failure – you have to really believe in that effort. I mean really! Else – what you are going to get is just a load of free drinks without the kick – if you know what I mean. You might as well have a long dunk in a swimming pool of CH3CH2OH if it’s just the liver that you want damage.

Now, Microsoft may have its own standard of failures and success, do we have our own parameters? And are those saline excretions from the windows of our soul worth the isolation and the desperation we go through?

Just a hundred and eleven days before, it would have been perfect maths.

But hey, here’s cheers to missed deadlines and the 250th post, a hundred and eleven days late!


7 thoughts on “A Q of a K

  1. beautiful concept of celebrating failures – no wonder microsoft is what it is. thanks for sharing!

    me, i just celebrate, coz i think everyday in life is worth celebrating. i don’t look for reasons 🙂


  2. Not to ruin the literary excellence, but absorption of CH3CH2OH wont really have any effect on the liver even after a long dunk..You would have to be in that pool for a very very long time..

    Sowwie..I know this is just being cheeky…I know you have a valid point inspite of all the technical lapses.:)


  3. I believe the flip side of celebrating after failure is that is you also don’t stop long to celebrate, or dwell on, success. The euphoria created by ‘winning’ should be used to encourage everyone involved to keep their nose to the grindstone, truly trying to make sure that success breeds success.

    Or something like that.


  4. ==Robert:
    I didn’t do justice to the concept – it was more at celebrating ‘effort’ than the failure itself. I think the philosophy at MS is that all effort is worth it – and one failure doesn’t necessarily mean doom (or something like that)


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