If They Gave a War…

You come to your blog with thoughts hungry for expression. You see the white blank window on your blog and your minds mirrors it. And you push yourself to feed expression to your, now foggy thoughts. But first, you need to bring them back to existence – for them to be able to render themselves into words.

Nearly three years ago – this was the situation. And then it dawns upon you – nay – you know it – because you wrote it some time ago.

The most difficult thing is to bring your foggy thoughts back to a discrete form. Other wise you end up writing something that makes sense only to you, and defeat the purpose of communication.


8 thoughts on “If They Gave a War…

  1. absolutely!

    bringing the foggy thoughts to some point of clarity – both for the self, for for communicating it with others, is indeed a challenge. and i did face it recently, when i wrote something, and quite a few people disagreed. nto that i have a problem being disagreed with (it happens more often than not!), but i thought somehow, i wasn’t able to convey my thoughts clearly enough and that was the cause of people disagreeing 🙂


  2. Well I do believe that for you to be able to make another understand what you have to say and in that have effective communication you have to first understand your own thoughts.If they are foggy, the very first prime step in a good communication process is defeated.I hope you are not fretting.Some of us are just a useless bunch that don’t understand deep thoughts.:)


  3. ==Dharma:
    Glad you agree – yes – it takes a decent effort to say what you want to – ppl agreeing or not is secondary – i think it just bodes well to say as close to what we feel 🙂

    Completely agree that “If they are foggy, the very first prime step in a good communication process is defeated”

    I’ll admit the last sentence of your comment completely foxed me – am not sure i understood and don’t want to jump to conclusions


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