Dialogue with Solitude

The Marker

It is probably the longest conversation – if the pieces are joined together as one long one. Who do you talk with – the most? It is probably also the most famous unranked conversations of all. In all possible emotional states, that is one conversation we always have. In fact, that is one conversation we cannot avoid. Think of all the people; we are the ones we always talk to – and need to talk to, and talk to the most.

It’s almost therapeutic.

In my dialogues with solitude
We talk of what could have been
Maybe this and perhaps that
And everything in between.

For some funny reason, people searching for the songs of Silsila, are being sent to my blog. I’ve only written one post on it.


17 thoughts on “Dialogue with Solitude

  1. Agreed,i am the most talkative when it comes to talking to self,Infact did the same past 4hrs,Well staying alone with no net TV and books does that to me:)Sometimes i try so hard to shut down my head and make it silent,i failed most of the times but now i am learning the art slowly,its needed at times to be silent with self too,tough but then……


  2. Your post got me thinking again, and it might get me into talking with self at the same time. Darn, makes me wanna write something, although I can’t put my finger on it. D:


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  4. ==Sophie:
    I doubt your neutrality, then πŸ˜‰

    Silent with self? then where is the dialogue? πŸ™‚

    well, it seem you got it @ put a finger on it! and it seems that you did have more than a fair share of your dialogue. Cheers!


  5. Talking with self became so common in my life that now i am trying to shut up with self also,there is this dialogue which keeps going on constantly,the moment i find myself free or alone my head starts off and i keep pace answering or somtime questioning,then i crave for silence,at times.and now i am learning to do that.


  6. It’s important for one to do what one thinks is right. Not once, not twice but always. It’s a constant struggle. Coz doing the right thing isn’t easy. But does one have a choice? I think not. One can run away from situations, one can escape people, but can one run away from oneself? One is always with oneself…from birth till death do us (one and one’s self!) apart!


  7. i talk to myslf even while walking on the streets…totally oblivious of the surroundings…i fear a taxiwallah will crush me some day while i am busy in my conversations unware of his last minute desparate honking….


  8. ==Abaniko:
    Well said, very well said, indeed!


    I think that it’s possible, have a look at one of the comments above πŸ˜‰ Welcome to Gaizabonts

    Be Careful! πŸ˜€ Can’t afford to get that involved in a conversation?

    Well, i haven’t tried (or heard), and now, i doubt if i will πŸ™‚ Gaizabonts welcomes you too!


  9. well said, atul! as much as we are losing the able to converse with others, i think we are also gradually losing this ability as well.

    it only comes from looking within, no? on the other extreme, we must be weary though, else it becomes a non stop chatter without much meaning to it.

    i think the key lies in trying to be a neautral listener to our own inner conversations, without being judgemental about them


  10. ==Dharma:
    TY, I will admit however, I have never understood, experienced, or ever come to terms with ‘looking within’. Frankly, I have never understood it – we could be ignoring something about ourselves, but then we do that with others to – ignore what is convenient.

    Being judgemental, well, there is one deleted post that I should bring back, soon πŸ˜‰



  11. Dialogue with Solitude .. very true and beautiful concept. Just so apt for my current state of mind …

    I am in a dialogue with Solitude at the moment and it’s chatter is making me feel uncomfortable,numb,restless, angry, realize alot, bring forth my fears and make me confront with some…It’s a nesessary evil i know !


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